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Monday, June 2, 2014

Restoran Teck Sing

Restoran Teck Sing is one of the favourite spots where Singaporean will gather for meals in a group. Occupying 2 shop spaces, the front parking lots were not able to cater for their customers. Thus Teck Sing has ushers standing in front of the shops to keep a look out on the available parking spaces and diners can dine in peace.

Restoran Teck Sing
The place is simple mostly filled with round tables in a clean and air-conditioned environment. If you take a look closer on the walls, half was made up of tiles while the upper half was bare concrete with white finish. One would not know such simple and humble shop had a bit of histories until we saw the frames hanged on the wall. They were actually interviewed by the medias and that includes one of the Food Television Programme Host in Singapore.

Who says eating fruit only comes at the end of the meal? In fact Teck Sing is right to serve fruit before our dishes get placed onto the table.

Besides having Liang Teh, Barley water from the shop, they have Ginko with longon water to quest our thirst. These were all prepacked and sealed.

Ginko with Longan Drink
A look at the packaging of the wet tissue simply give a big hint on Teck Sing's specialities.

Wet Tissue
Without further guessing, most of us would have know what is being wrapped inside the baking sheets. As we pull opened the sheet, the gush of aroma of the herbal infusion filled our senses.

Baked Chicken In Paper
Well its none other than their well known Herbal Baked Chicken which many Singaporeans would have come here for!

Baked under the heat for several hours with various types of chinese herbs to produce such mouth watering dish. The meat was tender and moist. In Singapore, such dish is commonly seen wrapped up in aluminium foil instead of paper.

What I like most was its thick herbal chicken soup that tasted so rich with our bowls of plain rice. Yummy!

Paper Baked Chicken - RM 20
This is the dish that not many will choose because of its unique smell. For me, I love petai. This dish was so nicely whipped up from the kitchen with fragrance from the shrimp paste through the balachan chilli.

Sambal Petai - RM 18
We had half a curry fish head. Meat was fresh with no complains. Ingredients like long beans, tau pok, tomato, brinjas and cabbages were added. It was good but without any wow factor.

Curry Fish Head - Rm 28
The last dish that shared among four of us will be the Fu Yong Egg with chopped sausages and onions. I thought it is seldom we get to find sausages in egg from a Tze Char Stall and this was really special for me.

Fu Yong Egg - RM 10 (Small)
After so much of good food, with the exchange rates as the main attractive cause, I will still say the strongly infused herbal chicken is definitely worth one while to cross the border to enjoy such scrumptious meal.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Restoran Teck Sing
Location: 1 Jalan Sutera Satu, Taman Sentosa
80150 Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Tel: 07 334 7025
Opening Hours: Daily 11am to 10pm

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