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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Proofer Bakery & Pizzeria (Closed)

If you feel hungry and need some grab while shopping in Westgate, there are quite a number of shops available for you to have some bite. While walking a few rounds in the basement, I spotted proofer and decided to try them out as they were the most outstanding stall among all commonly seen stalls.

Proofer Bakery & Pizzeria
A quarter pan of pizza cost $3.60 but if you are grabbing more like half a pan or even complete pan, you get the discounted price. Enjoy your gourmet pizza by having a few pieces, mix and match.

Cost of the Pizza
The must try will be their signature with ingredients consist of tomato sauce, cheese, sweet pineapple, beef, chicken ham, sliced chicken, capisicum, onions and diced tomato. A close taste to the usual hawaian pizza but with 100% tastier.

Proofer Signature
Smell of fungi and full of cheesy flavour! It's made up of tomato sauce, cheese, slices of mushrooms, capsicum and diced tomato - a no meat pizza if you are keen on one!

Simply Mushroom
Service received was friendly and polite. For every purchase, the pizza is heated up and placed into a paper bag with serviettes before passing them to customer. Well, I dont mind going back to enjoy other flavors and I totally like the idea that I can enjoy them at the go.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Proofer Bakery & Pizzeria
Location: Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive #B2-K5 Singapore 608532

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