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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Joo Chiat Ang Mo Noodle House

Joo Chiat Ang Mo Noodle House? I was expecting an "Ang Mo" manning the stall but that was not the case. The original owner of this stall in Joo Chiat was tall and Caucasian looked alike, hence the name.

Besides the chewy noodles wanton mee, they sell fried oysters.

The stickiness and crispiness of the fried oysters were of perfect balance and it came with sweetness from the eggs. Not only that, it was not too dry and in fact they were rather moist. We were given 8-9 of oysters on a medium plate.

Besides the oysters, they are best to go with the zesty chilli sauce which gave good heat just to jolt the tastebuds.

Fried Oyster - $5 (Comes in $4, $5 & $8)
Rating: 3 / 5

Joo Chiat Ang Mo Noodle House  如切红毛麵家
Location: Chinatown Food Street, 335 Smith St #15 Singapore 050335 

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