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Friday, May 16, 2014

My Cosy Corner

Cosy Corner, a hidden gem in Cornation Plaza. We read about the articles on how their poh piah fares and decided to give it a try. Unfortounately, Poh Piahs are not available on Sundays.

Indeed the shop name suits the environment! They are located in one corner of the old building with limited seating space.

My Cosy Corner
Order sheets were given and I'm amazed by the number of items My Cosy Corner Offered, from japanese cuisine to blended milk tea.

Menu Sheets
Its interior was neat, plastered with articles from the media featuring some of the dishes and tubs of home made pastries like pineapple tart were for sale. While in the background, they were playing some soothing music from the 80s which make the environment so laid back on a Sunday morning.

Laksa can be of a perfect fight to Prima's laksa. The thick rice noodle was soaked well in the aromatic coconut flavoured soup, with Tak Pok, eggs, fishcake and hard boiled egg. When compared, perhaps the losing part is that this is not as thick as what we had from prima. For laksa with prawns, it can be ordered at additional cost.

Another local delight we had was Mee Rebus, featuring its rich sweet and spicy sauce and topped with cubes of bean curd cubes and egg.

Mee Rebus
Till now, I still remember how contented I was on a Sunday morning over this dish! The little cups of the Kueh Pie Tee was very crunchy filled with cut pieces of egg while the rest of the ingredients is up to us to fill in. 

Kueh Pie Tee
Let's experience the fun of filling up these cups!

It was a fun experience handling the Kueh Pie Tie and filling them up with the ideal amount of ingredients to one's taste.

Kueh Pie Tee
The vegetables was boiled till soften, still retaining its moisture and juiciness within. The crispy crust of the cups together with such sweet tasting fillings was heavenly. The chilli was awesome! A perfect powerful spice to the entire cup. I still remember that the spice was so strong resulting in tears flowing down. So for those who dont take much spice, you may want to skip a little here.

I'm still very keen to find out how their Poh Piah taste like and I will be back soon, hopefully not on a Sunday.

Rating: 4 / 5

My Cosy Corner
Location: Coronation Plaza, 587 Bukit Timah Road #02-02 Singapore 269707

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