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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New Lucky Claypot Rice

If you have been wondering where did the famous Clementi Claypot Rice go to? Here's your answer. They have been shifted into Holland Drive Market and Food Centre! Occupying 2 stalls spaces at  a corner in the Food Centre, New Lucky stall was seemed to be well organised with their spacious surroundings.

New Lucky Claypot Rice
When about 95% of the stalls were closed for the day, they are one of the few stalls opened and  surprisingly filling the empty tables, attracting a large crowd in the Food Centre.

A normal order will take about 40 mins to an hour for food to be served as each pot of rice was cooked upon ordering. Well liked for their charcoal infused taste, these individual earthen pots were first cooked over the gas stove then over the charcoal wood fire at a later part. To reduce waiting time, we had called in advance to reserve our orders. The waiting time was about half the original and they were served with pot cover. When the server opened its lid, steam were seen gushing out and sizzling noises were heard, followed but the strong fragrant from the dish.

It was a pot of plain looking white rice, with sausages, cut chicken pieces on the top layer while mushrooms and salted fish were hidden within.

Claypot Rice before adding Seasonings - $15 (Big)
Oil and black sauce was added by ourselves and fit right with our customized taste.

Black Sauce & Oil

Adding them while evaporation was in progress had tickled our stomach further with the sudden gush of smokey smell. Really whet our appetite for more! For those who enjoyed the crispy burnt rice, there were more than enough of them of them at the bottom of the pot, sticking to it. Add a little force and scrap them all out.

Sizzling Claypot Rice

Sauce and Oil Added

Let's look at how's its being mixed.

Ta-da! The end product!
Scoop your portion and enjoy their chilli

If having just claypot rice alone was just not enough, you can order some other sides and soups to complete the meal. For ourselves, we had Lotus soup and water cress soup. These heavy pots of soups were put to simmer under the heat for hours. They are not oily and a good pairing to the meal.

Lotus Soup - $4

Watercress Soup - $4

Rating: 4 / 5

New Lucky Claypot Rice
Holland Drive Market & Food Centre, 44 Holland Drive, #02-19 Singapore 270044

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