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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The King Louis Grill & Bar

Enjoy Singapore one and only one castle themed dining experience at The King Louis serving medieval cuisine. Located at 3rd Storey in Vivocity, it is easily accessible (Just beside Diaso) though the castle is guarded by two strong looking armored knights.

The King Louis
"Hail to the kings" was heard as we strolled into their restaurants. The servers put on with much respect making that moment quite a comfortable and welcoming entrance.

Castle Entrance of The King Louis
The place is furnished in wooden furniture and atmosphere was close representing the castle with shields / armors and knights around.

Castle Interior
While in the castle, one get to enjoy the scenic view of the territory through the posters on their walls.

Did you spot the tiger

And here's the King's Menu! Let's welcome the feast!


While waiting for our Kings' meal. I thought this is pretty interesting with King Louis labels over the original brands of the sauces for both Tomato and Chili Sauce.

Sauces for Meat
One can enjoy a bottomless cup (their freeflow of drinks) at a specific rate but no sharing is allowed. For those who ordered their freeflow, they were given a silver cup to differentiate from the usual ones.

And while waiting, we grabbed ourselves some drinks. The spoon for the Rootbeer float looked quite fanciful.

Apple Juice - $5 (Left) & Rootbeer Float $7(Right)
Since we were dining in a group 8 where majority were guys, we ordered a meat platter as well as a seafood platter.

Knight Gawain meal was indeed carnivorous, as the name suggest everyone to dine as a king. The Roasted beef with black pepper sauce was quite hard and I felt that it was overcooked. The meat platter also came with Garlic Chicken Breast with Herbs and spice, Grilled porkloin with mushroom sauce which were suitable for 4 to 5 pax. These slabs of meat were placed over a bed of oven roasted potatoes, mixed vegetables with butter pumpkin sauce, Mesclun & Corn Salad and Pineapple was skewered as well as green apples drizzled with caramel Cinnamon Sauce. 

Knight Gawain - $94.90
Marinated Boneless Chicken Leg with Onion Sauce looked appetizing with its burnt grilled marks neatly drawn across the slabs of meats. Unlike the roasted beef, the chicken were more tender and juicy.

Marinated Chicken Leg
With slices of green apples poke through the skewers and pineapple as its based, it just could get my eyes off the slimy caramel cinnamon sauce dripping off especially when these fruits looked so outstanding among the carnivorous meal!

Green Apple with Caramel Cinnamon Sauce Dropping off
Next on our Menu was the Queen Matilda, the seafood favourites! We had Grilled Slipper Lobster with Herbs and if you are wondering what exactly were those grilled slipper lobsters, they were none other than the normal crayfishes we had for BBQ.

Pan-seared snapper with wasabi Mayo Sauce, sauteed scallop with Garlic and cream sauce and big oven-baked king prawns with melted mozzarella cheese were also part of its banquet.
Such portion is good to share with 4 to 5 pax too.

Queen Matilda - $168.50

Scallops from Queen Matilda

Having such heavy meals, there was no room left for the desserts. :(  However, it was still a very good experience to dine like the king.


Overall, this is a very good place for group gathering as they have long wooden bench to cater for groups and meat lovers. However, parents might want to take note that there is a big gap on the bench in case that their kids fall into the "hole".

Rating: 3 / 5

The King Louis Grill & Bar
Location: VivoCity, 1 Harbourfront Walk #03-07A Singapore 098585

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