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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Xing Yun Wanton Mee

Steer your steps to 2 stalls towards the left of the famous nameless Hainanese Curry Rice in Beo Crescent if you could not bear the wait.

And if you do not mind having noodles, this Noodle Wanton Stall offers a fuss free service - one do not have to self service and food is rather fast in serving after ordering.

Xing Yun Wanton mee Stall at the background

I could not resists but to order the chicken feet noodles. Noodles were springy doused in dark sauce while the greens were boiled and tucked by the side of the plate with 2 big gigantic looking claws / feet.

Chicken Feet Noodles - $4

These chicken feet were the biggest I had ever encountered so far throughout my tries of chicken feet noodles. The deep fried feet were braised but not thoroughly thus, it did not really bring out the spice flavour. What a miss though they were big!

Big chicken Feet
Dumplings aka "Shui jiao" was nothing more than ordinary. Perhaps one thing to note was that the stock was very tasty and this should review the amount of MSG used in the soup.

Dumplings Soup - $4
Rating: 3 / 5

Xing Yun Wanton Mee
Location: He Bing Yuan, Blk 40 Beo Crescent, Singapore 160040

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