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Thursday, March 27, 2014


Be charmed by the buffet spread in Carosel by Plaza on the Scotts as they offered a wide spread varieties of cuisine from Mediterrean, Asian to Japanese including seafood and desserts stations could have let diner spoilt for choices. Rated as one of the top Halal Buffets in Singapore, these place had gained lots of attention from our Muslim foodies. In addition, their delectable dishes could leave all diners be spoilt for choices.

House in the ground level of Hotel Plaza by the Scotts, Carosel is easily accessible from the Orchard MRT Station. Perhaps the hardest part of getting to Carousel is perhaps the challenge in fixing a date as this place is generally overwhelmed by Buffet-Goers like us especially during Dinners.

If not for the 3 months advance booking I had, this trip can never happen.

Lobby of Plaza Royal By the Scotts
As we were lead into the restaurant by the polite waitress, one can really enjoyed the clean and neat environment under the attractive lights. To the left we have the Japanese Station and to the right, the Seafood section where munching on big alaska king crabs and fresh oysters were start off.

Entrance into Carousel Buffet Area
Carousel's team professionalism had shown that every diner has a place mat in front of them together with the napkin prepared. What's more a set of utensils were already place on the rack too. With such service and setup, I felt please and privileged as their customers.

Set up ready for diners
It was about 7pm and the place had not yet fully occupied but when the night got darker, the right atmosphere came. Everyone was enjoying their fair share of delighting buffet dinner and chatting among themselves. The comfy cushioned seating were also part of the main reason where diners can actually sit there for a longer period of time.

Dining area
My lobster craving instinct has never stopped me from heading towards the seafood station first. Seafood were fresh, surrounded by ice with sauces helpings by the side.

Seafood Station
The lobsters were nicely laid on the bed of ice waiting to be picked by the thongs given. The orange red crustaceans were simply too pleasing to our eyes and appetite. Since it's a buffet, it's unlikely that one will stop at just a serving.


Oysters lover, I bet you wont miss out those guys standing at the seafood station, sucking in their tummies and giving all their might in opening the hard shells of those oysters.
Head towards the Japanese Stations and you will get the staple food like Soba, and freshly made sushi.


 Be sure to have a taste of Sashimi with Wasabi as an evidence that you have went through this counter.

Enjoy the spread of Asian Food over here at their counters. Each dish was shone under the heat of the lamp.

Asian Food

 One of the Asian Food out of their selection is none other than the Dim Sums. Enjoy the spread!

Dim Sum
For those who need the proteins, these helpful stuff were all ready by the roast counter to slice any portion of meat you request.

Your Protein Area
 Here's one example of Mediterranean food and meat.

Mediterranean food and meat

Desserts are something diners filled their stomach with before asking for bill. Needless to say, the mouthwatering spreads of cakes, creme burlee, ice creams were all out for the Sweet Tooth.

Cakes and Desserts
An innovative way of preparing a small portion of creme burlee in a saucer. Love the top caramlised layer that was easily broken by a gentle touch of the spoon.

Creme Burlee
Enjoy different shapes of marsh mallows over sweet fondues flavour like Chocolate, Green tea and strawberry.

Fondue and marshmellows
For cooling dessert, scoop some ice cream onto your bowl.

Ice Cream Serving

For a healthier choice, enjoy the fun of making yourselves a cup of yoghurt over their machine and topped them up with your rainbow rice, cereals etc.

With a prompt and friendly service, I did have a different dining experience in Carousel. To add on, Carousel had created a wonderful atmosphere for diners who are celebrating the birthday. Here's the Video of how they celebrated the diner's birthday.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Location: Royal Plaza On Scotts, 25 Scotts Road, Lobby Level, Singapore 228220

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