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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Beo Crescent No Name Hainanese Curry Rice

Dont judge a book by it's cover. Well, for those who walk by the old school place in Beo Crescent, who will actually thought that such nameless stall sell delicious Hainanese Curry Rice? Having heard of its popularity, I wanted to try them up so much since years ago. However their business was way too good that their operations ended everytime before I could make it.

I'm not a Curry Rice Eater when it comes to breakfast meal but I have no choice but to visit them on a early Sunday morning since I wanted to have a taste and verify if it was really good as I was told.

There was already a long queue formed when I was there, I thought that must be real good as who will actually have curry rice in the early morning. Perhaps their taste was really exceptional!

Beo Crescent No Name Hainanese Curry Rice Stall
The usual style of a plate of curry png, the messy looking ingredients over the white rice with 3 kinds of sauce that drench them all over with part of them looked as if they were overflowing.

The braised cabbages is also one of the must have items on such plate. Servings were generous with one big scoop of them hidden under the tau pok. They were boiled till softens and was naturally sweet.

Curry Rice & Food Items - $3.80

For eggs lover, their sunny side up comes with black sauce mixed altogether in the presence of the aromatic gravy.

Egg and Gravy

The must order item for every visit, the crispy pork! What makes them so unique? Their meat was marinated, thinly chopped into fine bits and fried under the burning fire, thus forming its cripsy texture. And together with their signature curry gravy, the taste was fantastic! Uber Yummy!

Close up of pork chop
What's more to say, are you drooling all over now?  It's definitely worth the calories, providing a good energy boost that last through out the day. If you are thinking of Scisscors Curry Rice, why not head down to Beo Crescent for a tastebuds test!

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Beo Crescent No Name Hainanese Curry Rice
Location: He Bing Yuan, Blk 40 Beo Crescent, Singapore 160040

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