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Thursday, March 13, 2014

De Burg Cafe (Closed)

Ready for burgarasm?

De Burg is arguably said to serve the best burgers in the west in terms of quality and value. Located within a humble coffee-shop which is just walking distance from Alexandra Food Village. The environment has totally gave me a total change of my impression to a neighbourhood coffeeshop as all the stalls were selling westernized food and not the usual rice and noodles stalls that was all along in my mind. Even the usual kopi stall has been transformed into selling German Beers. Perhaps if you want a cup of kopi or tea, we have to divert our steps back into the hawker Centre.
Stall of De Burg Cafe in Coffeeshop
Occupying 2 unit space in the coffeeshop, they are considerably one of the biggest stalls. Helpers were all dressed in black polo tee - their uniform. Service was friendly and efficient.

Ordered the 200g heavy Cheeseburger with onion rings and ranch beans for its sides. American serving of burger was big as expected with thick juicy yummy beef patty sandwiched in between and loaded with lettuce. Buns with sesame were spreaded with a thin later of magarine at its bottom.

Sides like onion rings were fried to golden crispy perfection and even for the beans, they were semi-sweet and perfect choice for the dish.
Mushroom Cheese 200G - $15.90
Overwhelmed by the availability in its menu, I had finally came to my decision after some struggles and I had chosen a safe choice which was De Burg's signature, with tatter tots and balsamic vinegar over salad.
De Burg's Signature - $18.50

Tatter Tots was actually mini crunch harsh browns. These bites were good with some sauces to go along.
Tatter Tots
Looking at the beautifully stacked up burgers  were not only eye pleasing but irrestiable as well. Piled up with tomato slices, lettuce, enomous slice of fungi with cheese and bacon over the tender patty, presenting De Burg's signature. Just in case any of them slips off, a wooden stick was used and punched through it to ensure that everyone was in tact.
Nicely Stacked up Burger

Here's even a better shot on its burger. Are you drooling now?
Close shot of the burger
With the help of the sharp knife and fork given, I got a cross section view of the burger. I bet you cant hold any longer after looking at these glorious looking stuff ! Enough said, let's head down to have a bite! Have a great sensual pressure indulging them and pamper yourself after a long day of work.
Cross Section of the burger

Rating: 4 / 5

De Burg Café
Location: 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-40, Singapore 151119

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