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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ah Loy's Thai Thai Cuisine

Oh! It's shocking to see Ah Loy's Thai Thai Cuisine had ventured their business into the kopitiam now. Most of us would have known for its Thai Cuisine for they are quite reputable from its branch in Cityhall, thus having a queue was a norm in any situation. However, the queue and ordering system was rather disorganized which caused some customers to be fed up and left the queue.

Ah Loy's Thai Thai Cuisine
A device was given after ordering and once the dishes were ready for collection, it will buzz off.

Alert for collection & Receipt

Ordered Phad Thai as my main course. One can see the cook preparing the dish at the stall. For its phad thai, though they have the wok smell, I would say that flavours were not really that strong and did not have any resemblance of a Thai cuisine.

Phad Thai - $6.50
We ordered its pineapple rice too. While I have expect the rice to be towards yellow in color. Though raisins and pineapples cubes were part of its ingredients, the plate of pineapple rice was lacking fragrance and the taste of fish sauce which one would normally taste in a plate of authentic fragrant thai pineapple fried rice. But to emphasis one thing is that, it had another kind of smell which was the "wok-hei" fragrance.

Thai Pineapple Fried Rice - $6.50
As I was figuring out what were those floating white ingredients on the bowl of curry, I got a shock. What? Fishballs in thai green curry? It was the first time I had seen such combination. Nevertheless, it was sweet added with a little spice and herbs smell which was good that such dish can stand alone by itself. Another point to note was that the chunks of chicken came with frozen smell.

Thai Green Curry - $6

Each costing $2.50. I cant imagine having such expensive Thai dishes over the mall's food court. The chicken was well marinated and was rather tasty on its own. In my opinion, dipping the given sweet and sour thai chilli will make a disaster to its original taste.

Thai Pandan Chicken (2 pcs) - $5
To sum up, the level of standards was not matchable to what I had previously in their main shop. Given a choice, I would rather choose to dine in their main shop or alternatively, Jurong Point's Thai express.

Rating: 3/ 5

Ah Loy's Thai Thai Cuisine
Location: Jurong Point, 1 Jurong West Central 2 #03-42 , Singapore 648886

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