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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sushi Express

Skip the ridiculous long queue outside Sushi Express of West Gate by dining at the non peak hours! In case you are unaware, Sushi Express has drawn the hordes since its opening and always seen having "everlasting" queues especially during the weekends.

Sushi Express
Ginger, Wasabi and tea are complimentary. The service was polite and those who were first time there like me was given a brief that there are no Menu available and everything is display on the belt. The attractive part is that each plate cost only $1.50.

Items on Sushi Conveyor
While we thought we can eat till we drop but there was actually a time limit for diners. Look at the slip given, we were given only 50 minutes to gobble down the food.

Please Keep Within the time limit

While we were ushered to the sushi bar counters, Sushi Express had actually arranged teabags in the tray with cups, sauces, toothpicks and chopsticks. Please feel free to help yourselves.

On the counter bar

Packets of Wasabi are placed on a container and left moving on the conveyor. I thought the concept is better as we are able to gauge the amount of Wasabi needed.

Wasabi in packet
Turn over was pretty fast and given the limited timing in dining, I find that the conveyor belt was replenished promptly, moreover food were fresh too. Of course for the sashimi portion at $1.50 per plate, they were naturally smaller. No complains yah!

$1.50 Per Plate
 Boiled prawns, I thought it was quite unusual to show their appearance on the sushi conveyor.

Eel (unagi) were sweet with sesame sprinkled on them. Out of the 4 below, what I like most was its sliced abalone salad. Each plate comes with four slices paired with mayonnaise. 

Unagi, Sliced Abalone Salad,  Beancurd skin sushi and salmon sushi
 Miso Soup with salmon is definitely worth the money. Look at the notable chunks of salmon and toufu included :). However, to order this, one has to put up a request as they were not placed on the conveyor. Do remember, its tongue burning!

Miso Soup - $1.50
Though given the restriction in timing, overall, I quite please with the bar counter concept whereby each plate was only charged at $1.50 and no menu was given. They were also quite prompt in clearing the saucers from our tables while we had the dishes gradually stacked up. 

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Sushi Express
Location: Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive #B1-26, Singapore 608532

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