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Monday, February 10, 2014

Little Grill

Little Grill is one of my favourite spots for dinner during those days when normal dinner hours had already passed due to the busy schedules I had and I was quite lucky to be just in time for their last order everytime before they called it a day.

I haven't been visiting them for years until recently when I found them on instagram which somehow reminded me to visit them again.

Little Grill's menu is different from a usual coffeeshop western stall as they have over 20 kinds for us to choose from, besides that each dish is illustrated on its menu with a boosting effect from the signboard's back lights.  At times, I find it very hard to decide what's for my meal as every item looks delicious and had that kind of "Come, Eat Me!" expressions.

Little Grill
Farm Chicken Chop is one of the dish that topped my list. At one glance, one would have realize that the bread or toast is missing from here. Well, to disappoint some, it is not included.

Though the portion had shrunk over the years, the taste remained unchanged. I'm still loving its tantalizing brown sauce that was spreaded on the chicken chop, allowing this essence to be absorbed by the juicy meat.

Farm Chicken Chop - $6.30
Another hit of my list is its Lemon Butter on its grilled fish. Reasonably fried till golden brown and sparsely dressed with a layer of melting butter, altogether, they lend a good aroma hit in the nose before we gobbled this delicate slab of fillet down.

While baked beans and fries as sides were the ordinary, I find that their coleslaw gave a cooling pleasure to the entire plate of "heaty" treats. This simple and straight forward side stands well alone in its mayonnise and salad dressing.

generously dressed with mayonnaise
Grill Fish with Lemon Butter - $6.50

And here's the break down cost for individual plate. Payment is to be make upon order and please indicate your table number.

Total Damage

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Little Grill
Location: Blk 215 Jurong East Street 2, #01-541, Singapore 600215

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