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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Lai Kee Poa Tin

The 2nd consecutive day of Dim Sum crave had led us to Lai Kee Poa Tin in Bukit Batok Street 21, which is just nearby Bukit Batok Swimming complex. I came to know of this stall from one of my secondary school classmates and she had actually recommended.

Located at the corner of the coffee shop just right after the flights of stairs from the carpark, Lai Kee is easily caught sight by anyone especially when the Dim Sum lady keeps recommending her customers on each type of Dim Sum they have in her Malaysian accent. The queue was long but with her quick nature,it makes waiting more bearable somehow.

Lai Kee Poa Tin
It kind of shocked me as I see a number of rare items which I thought can never be found from a Dim Sum stall in coffeeshop. Perhaps Lai kee has a central kitchen where food were already well prepared before hand and was only steamed fresh at their shops upon ordering. These were our breakfast on a Sunday Morning for 2 pax.

Breakfast for 2

I like the century egg porridge with lean meat and cut fried You Tiao (Fried Fritters). It was a little watery on its top layer but with the You Tiao and garnishing, it makes the bowl of porridge rather appetizing especially when it shares a nice scent.

Century Egg Porridge - $2

Highly recommended by the lady server, it seemed like one will regret if he/she missed out their Liu Sha Bao. Comes 4 in a tray,  this white little Bao were more than what I had expected. Even a gentle bite have the "Liu Sha" burst out of them staining my hands. What a pleasant surprise!

Liu Sha Bao - $3.50 (4 pcs)

The Chee Cheong Fun looked good. At the first look, if it wasnt all white, one would have thought it was actually the pig's intestine, it does really look like one isnt it?

The fine and smooth translucent Chee Cheong Fun had shrimps wrapped within was generously drenched with soy sauce, onion oil and spring onion, a plate packed full of fragrant.

Shrimp Chee Cheong Fun - $2.50

Luo Mai Kai (Glutinous Rice) was filled with delicious braised meat combined with the sticky glutionous rice with hints of peppery taste.

Glutinous Rice - $1.70

Strong infusion of herbal taste on the plate of chicken feet, this tray was rather spicy with chilli oil. As a chicken feet lover, I find that the herb scent was a bit too much.

Chicken Feet - $1.80

Har Kau was pretty much standard and commonly ordered.

Often when we see "Har Kao" (Shrimp Dumplings), we will always relate it to Siew Mai. Har Kao Siew Mai are just the standard fare of Dim Sum. Their basic meat fillings were well marinated and was good.

Siew Mai
Looks like a siew mai replica but its comes in green. The butt of the delicate dim sum is bigger in size as it was filled with scallop stacked with minced meat fillings.

Ta da! This is the cross section of Scallop with Siew Mai, can you spot the 3 layers?

The stuff beancurd was one of the Dim Sum that is seldom seen in Dim Sum stalls. Tasty and soft to munch on.

Stuff Beancurd - $1.30

Char Siew Bao is also one of the common item that will be picked in our Dim Sum spread. So to say, after having tried so many Char Siew Baos, Lai Kee fare is above standard. The Char Siew Fillings were moist and tasty.

Char Siew Bao - $0.80 Each
Take their pricing as a benchmark where each tray cost about $1.30 to $2.00. When Dim Sum in Malls and restaurants get ridiculously expensive, seeking such pocket friendly Dim Sum shops is definitely a good choice lessen out those comforting ambiance we had in a elegant and well furbished restaurant, the additional charges from peanuts, napkins and service charges etc.

Rating: 4 / 5

Lai Kee Poa Tin
Location: Blk 207 Bukit Batok Street 21 #01-118 Singapore 650207

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