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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Grandma's - Proudly Singaporean

Grandma's, a local restaurant has been recently opened in Basement selling local food with a good range of Hokkien, Peranakan, chinese and Malay food. The setup was rather simple with walnut furnishing as its theme color.

Grandma's Proudly Singaporean

Upon settling down, this crispy crackers were served to us in a wooden weaved basket. The hungry us had the whole basket munched up as we were very hungry.

Tibits - $1.60
 Even its menu, it showed a grandma preparing dishes in the kitchen. The environment told us that she was using some traditional method of cooking over the slow charcoal fire.

 An irresistible combination of savoury pilaf-style rice, succulent prawns, beef rendang and golden-brown chicken drumstick. Simply authentic!

Nasi Bukhari - $14.90

 These thick and fat egg noodles were wok fried together with dark soy sauce with fresh seafood and chicken. Totally classic Hokkien dish and not to miss. If you like fried Udon, this is quite close to one!

Hokkien Noodles - $1 (promotion with main course)

One of Grandma's favourites, the San Bei Ji literally means 3 cups chicken when translated consists  chunks of chicken slow cooked with ginger, garlic and chili with a dash of basil for the unique's Grandma's flavour. Served in an earthen pot and garnished with a generous portion of dark soya sauce and spring onion.

San Bei Ji - $12.90

The grass jelly drink was under promotion and a cup cost just $1. A good thing about the drink is that they had actually separated the sugar syrup, giving the customer a choice to add them according to their preference.
Grass Jelly Drink - $1

The Cendol is a must try as it brings out the original flavour with red beans, cendol jelly, jackfruit with shaved ice topped with fresh fragrant coconut  milk and gula melaka.

While Sago Gula Melaka was filled with pearl sago drenched in a generous serving of fresh coconut milk as well as Gula Melaka.

Cendol & Sago Gula Melaka - $4.50 & $3.90

 Rating: 3.5 / 5

Location: Jurong Point 2 Shopping Centre, 63 Jurong West Central 3 #B1-62/63

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