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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Indonesian Express [Closed]

Indonesian Express, another place we had explored during lunch time. If you happened to pass by the stretch of shop houses you will find it rather difficult to choose among 3 cuisines, Indonesian, Thai or Peranakan as they were quite well known in the vicinity.

Indonesian Express
This is the back gate of Indonesian Express. If you are coming from the HDB carparks, you might see this.

Back Door of Indonesian Express

Seats were limited given the amount of space in and in front of the shop houses especially during lunch time. Pricing was already very attractive as every set comes with a glass of drink, to make it even better, they had offered patrons refillable drinks at the drinks counter. WoW! No Wonder the Lunch crowd! However they only operated during the weekdays for the lunch hours.

Self Service & Queue

The Ayam Penyet meal looked scrumptious! Look at the crispy bits gathered in the middle of the dish with succulent thigh meat fried to a golden perfection accompanied by the eye catching greens. I bet your stomach is calling! :) Besides vegetables and fried chicken, the basket come with fried Tau Gua too.

Ayam Penyet - $6
Another signature dishes as recommended by their stall front signboard, Ayam Penggang. Just half a dollar difference from the Penyet, we get a nicely presented dish with a dark patch of Chicken Thigh on the middle of the plate. Not that it was over cooked but it was the sauced used and reacted during the BBQ session done by the kitchen helpers. The best part was that they had separated the curry gravy on a little container place by the side of the rice. It has good fragrance from the coconut milk and perfect combination if you were to pour some over the white rice. Two types of chilli were also available from the self service counter. Caution, they were very spicy, especially the belachan!

Ayam Panggang - $5.50

A close up of the chicken thigh. Delicious! Tempting isnt it? The colors combination of the thigh meat and the bright fresh vegetables were just too appealing to the eyes. The meat was flavourful and juicy. Yum Yum!

Close up of the delicious Ayam Panggang

Do remember that they only operated during lunch hours, do drop by and check it out if you have got the chance!

Rating: 4 / 5

Indonesian Express
Location: Blk 517, West Coast Road, #01-569 , Singapore 120517 
Operating Hours: Weekdays, 10am - 3pm

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