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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hai Hua Wanton Noodle

Another busy food court at night in Bukit Batok Area after the ideal dinner hours for me. The place was full house and we had to share table with other patrons. I walked up to the Wanton Noodle stall and was assisted by a Fillipino helper and ordered Chicken Shredded Noodle from her.

Hai Hua Wanton Noodle
Meal was served to where I'm seated in a short while. Had the spicy version of Ipoh Hor Fun as requested and the amount of sauce given was just nice to mix well with the plate of Hor Fun. Ingredients were pretty usual with mushroom, vegetables as well as shredded steamed chicken.

Shredded Chicken Noodle (Ipoh Hor Fun) - $3 / $3.50 (Small / Big)

Here's a close shot of the Shredded chicken Noodle. When we come to it taste, I would like to mention that the meal was rather ordinary, neither good nor bad and if you are just around the corner like me seeking for decent meal, Hai Hua Wanton Noodle stall be be one of your choice.

Close up of my meal

Do note that they are also selling porridge, Chicken Feet Noodles etc.

Rating: 3 / 5

Hai Hua Wanton Noodle
Location: FoodClique, Blk 347 Bukit Batok Street 34 #01-252 Singapore

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