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Saturday, December 21, 2013


Many of us had probably heard of Al-Ameen, the famous eating house which is located opposite of beauty world.  Their shop located in Chu Lin Road was not that bad either. Operating around the clock, they served a decent fare of Thai Muslim and Indian Food at an affordable pricing. When hunger pangs in the night, this is a spot where you can rely on!

Coffeeshop interior and crowd

Teh Tarik and all kinds of Gozilla, Dinosaur drinks you name it, they were all available in the Al-Ameen's menu. We ordered the common drinks such as Lychee and Limau ice. These sweet syrups were just part of their sweet drinks.

Lychee Ice ($2.50) & Limau Ice ( $1.50)

Though oily, chicken Marsala was real good. Served warm in a metal bowl, the chicken cubes were tender and skinless coupled by some garnishing.
Chicken Marsala - $7

Delicious cheese naans were placed before our eyes in a basket with dolly paper on its base. Look at the cheesy substances melted on the naan, they were what I'm dying for! Having ordered 2 pieces of them, they were stacked together and was sticked closely to one another when the cheese cooled down. Each piece of cheese naan was cut into quarters.

Cheese Naan - $7 for 2
When the yummies combined! What a perfect pairing. Just spread the marsala chicken on top of the cheese naan and enjoy the gastronomical food experience!

Chicken Marsala & Cheese Naan = Yummy

On a side note, if you are driving there, do watch out for carpark attendants if you were parking the side of the road opposite Al-Ameen. Nevertheless, the helpers were rather alert and would annouce the presence of the carpark attendants.

Cost: $18 for 2 pax

Rating: 4 / 5

Al-Ameen Eating House
Location: Bamboo Grove Park, 5 Chu Lin Road, Singapore 669893

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