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Friday, November 1, 2013

Smiths Authentic Bristish Fish And Chips

If you are looking for some authentic Fish & Chips Flavours with the taste of British, do head down to the shop houses along Tanjong Katong Road or their other outlets.

Shop Front

Smiths offers Take-Away and dined in menu. Both menu were more or less the same.

Take Away Menu

The counter was pretty modern, sleek, metalic finishing with blue LED lights coming out from the under sides. British flags were hanging by the sides too.

The place was well ventilated as we hardly smell any greasy smell in the shop even though they were frying and preparing the dish at the end of the counter.

While waiting for the chef to fry the fishes in the oil, we  had ordered some can drinks, self taken from the fridge. Each can was pretty expensive. :(

Soft Drinks - $2.50 Each

It's hardly that we get to see servings of Fish and Chips being wrapped up in paper. It really reminds me of someone who told me that the authentic Fish and Chips in London would have their Fish and Chips wrapped up in newspaper. To make the orders identifiable, the cod fish was indicated with "C" on its wrapper.

Fish & Chips Serving in Papers

After having tried so many fish and chips in Singapore, indeed Smiths did have the closest match to the one I had in UK. Our servings were all paired with thickly cut fries. Condiments and sauces were already placed by the side for each table. Just help ourselves with it.

Cod Standard (180 - 200 grams) and Chips - $18

Fried to a golden brown perfection, the cod was coated with a thin crispy layer of batter and the fish meat was quite chunky. The length of the fish was about a 30cm long ruler. Furthermore, one can really taste the freshness of the fish.  Break open the hot battered fish and enjoy a free facial steaming session. :p

Cod Fish

The Haddock was fried to golden brown as well but the size looked different. It is wider in shape.

Haddock Standard (180 - 200 grams) & Chips - $17

Meat wise, they are moist and fresh too.

Dissecting of Haddock Fish in action!

Overall, I find that this is a good Fish & Chips fix if we are looking for authentic taste from Britain though it may be pricy. The standard meal may be plain but there are sides available for add-ons. Service wise, its pretty average.

Rating: 3 / 5

Location:  230 Tanjong Katong Road,  Singapore 437018
1130am – 11pm daily
Closed Mondays


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