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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hong Ho Phang Hong Kong Tim Sum

Hong Ho Pahang Hong Kong Tim Sum is yet another hidden gem in Clementi area that had been drawing the hordes all these while. Located just opposite of the shopping malls under the HDB flats, it's quite rare that such traditional home made Tim Sum Stall were still making good despite of the commercialized Tim Sum located in the malls . On top of that, they had their busiest moment with helpers seen working non stop to match up with the incoming patrons during my visit.

Stall Front

Rice Roll (Chee Cheong Fun) was delicate and smooth throughout. The sauces used tasted quite different from the normal ones I had tasted. Char Siew (BBQ) meat was chopped into smaller bits and wrapped in the core of the roll added with a handful of sesame seeds. Definitely a good choice for a start.

Char Siew Chee Cheong Fun - $1.40 Per Roll

The ratio of chicken and glutinous rice was about 1:1. Ingredients were generous and chicken meat was tender, not oily as I had expected and taste was quite consistent throughout. With the chopped spring onions added and well mixed with the chicken, it gave off an appealing tint of piquancy. Further more, the rice was moist enough.

Luo Mai Kai (糯米鸡) Glutinous Rice with Chicken - $1.40

Siew Mai were small in size as compared to others. Overall, the meat fillings tasted fresh and bites of chestnuts were found.

Siew Mai - $1.80 (3 Pcs)

On the left, we had the char siew buns. The fillings were the same from the Chee Cheong Fun we had earlier. While most of us would have expected the char siew to be coated with gluey dark red char siew sauce that looked appetizing, Hong Ho Phang did the reverse. The fillings were straight forward, home made, yet still getting the kind of sweetness as much as a Char Siew Bun Fares. These bite sizes Baos were addictive.

Mini Kong Bah Bao (Braised Pork Belly Bun) had caught me by surprised as not many Tim Sum places would had sell this especially this was more of a Hokkien Cuisine. Nevertheless, I would say it tasted quite standard, not too much of braised aroma could be found. 

Char Siew Bao & Kong Bah Bao - $0.80 & $1.00 Respectively Each

 Soft and Moist on the skin, what's else there to say? Delicious!
Chicken Bao - $1.20

Considering its the shop history, I would say they were reputable and had gained the trust of the customers on its quality and assurance of a decent Tim Sum Dining in the neighbourhood. Pricing was reasonable and well liked by all, no matter young or old.

Rating: 4 / 5

Hong Ho Phang Hong Kong Tim Sum
Location: Blk 325 Clementi Avenue 5, #01-143, Singapore 120325

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