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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Super Star K

While Korean BBQ has becoming more in trend nowadays, we can easily see a handful of Korean BBQ shophouses swarmed into areas like Tanjong Pagar and Super Star K is also one of them.

Can you see the coolness from the aircon? Placement of tables were carefully thought with ventilations pipes hanging ahead. Also,the dining area were divided into two sections in the restaurant leaving a comfortable walkway in the middle. On the sides of the walls, they had installed chalk boards for customers to scribbled on. Chalks were provided in the container, just put down your thoughts there.

Alot of Korean BBQ restuarant had adopted the use of extendable exhaust pipes which helped to suck away and minimise the BBQ scent on our clothing. Though it could not remove the smell entirely, I would say that at least the smell was not that heavy.

 A metal tray filled with different kinds of condiments was given once order was confirmed. They are Salt, garlic cloves, korean chilli and onions.

Condiments in a tray

It's quite typical to enjoy so many side dishes in a korean cuisine and just  like any other korean restaurant in singapore a wide spread of complimentary dishes were provided from Ikan Billis, Kimchi, beansprouts, smashed potatoes and their kind of fish cakes.

Complimentary Dishes
 This pot of steam egg was served later and was also one of the complimentary dishes. As we dug the egg, alot of steam were seem evaporating . In fact, they were soft and quite tasty seasoned in good stock.

Steamed Egg

With the team of fast and efficient korean servers, our order was processed quickly. What I like about korean BBQ was the way how they cooked the food in front of us and served us proportionally.

Soy Sauce Chicken BBQ - $18

 Pork Belly tasted good without much marination. Fatty and juicy! Yums!

Middle Soy Sauce Chicken BBQ ($18) and Right: Pork Belly BBQ ($18)

 A light milky yet refreshing bowl of Ginseng Soup garnished with chopped spring onions. This is one of the korean dish I like as i find it special to have glutinous rice slowed cook with chicken till the meat was so tender and easily pulls off from the bone. Dont be mislead that this dish is actually a bowl of soup, the rice is quite filling actually.

Chicken Ginseng Soup (Sam Gye Teng) - $23

 A basket of fresh lettuce was given. For those who were puzzled, those lettuces were actually used to wrapped the BBQ meat before consumption. Though the BBQ meat were good enough to be consumed alone, the lettuce together with the condiments had packed the dining experience with Korean Culture. For additional kick, do wrapped those savoury meats with the leafy greens.

How to eat?

 Being inside an authentic restaurant, how can we missed trying out the kimchi? The serving was enormous, perhaps too much for 2 of us to handle. Considering the price, I would say its pricy and  with the amount of seafood given like mussels and squid, I would say price is explanatory. Personally, I felt that it was too floury with too much carbo in the dish. After eating a few small pieces, I chose to swap and leave my stomach room for the meat instead.

Seafood Pancake - $25

 Our grill was smeared with oil and black patches soon after barbaquing and the server had carefully detached the scalding hot grilled and took it back into the kitchen for washing.

 The pork neck meat was quite thick and a different metal grill was used. The slab of meat was put to simmered on the grill for sometime. As it was thick, the amount of time taken was pretty long before it gets cooked.

Unbelievable! It's really worth waiting for. The pieces of meat tasted very closed to Char Siew! Love it lots!

A Short Clip of how Food Items were Served and Cooked.

Service wise, it's a little tricky here as most of them were korean. Often we had misinterpret each others intention as their response were rather short. We requested for more water and chilli, their response was OK but items were not given eventually.

Overall, I find that having Korean BBQ in Singapore was rather pricy. I have not found a place to dine a korean cuisine without burning a hole in the pocket. But still, considering the meat cuts and quality, they were still well worth the money.

Rating: 3.5 / 5
Superstar K Restaurant
Location: 75 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088496

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