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Friday, November 8, 2013

Ulm, Germany - A visit to the world's Tallest Church

Ulm, is a town at the edge of Bavaria in Baden-Wurttemberg, southwest Germany also a place where famous Albert Einstein was born.

The sight that can never be missed was it's Rathaus (City Hall) which was easily noticed by its pulent paint which resembles the early renaissance facade.

Rathaus, City Hall, Ulm
Rathaus, City Hall, Ulm

Ulm Minister, the tallest Church in the World, standing (161.53 m) in height. It took a staggering of 500 years to build from the first stone laid in 1377 and was finally completed in in 1890, May 31.

Ulm Minister
Ulm Minister

The church was built by Ulm people and because of war and fundings, there were stoppages in between. People had never got the fundings from the church itself nor their leaders.

Interior was beautiful and I'm still amazed by how Europeans actually build such majestic church in the earlier days for technology and tools were very limited unlike today.

Interior of Ulm Minister
Interior of Ulm Minister
Let's go up the stairs to find out more! One of our resting point. During my visit part of the church was going through restoration.

Restoration in Progress - Ulm Minister

It's getting more exciting each time as we stopped by a viewing point. Up Up and here we go!

 The stop before we climbed up the last flight of stairs that was barely enough space for one person to the top to enjoy the scenery.

Where sunlights shining through and into the cathedral, it did give some warmth.

Seriously hoping that my Wide Angle DSLR can do more than this! Nevertheless, I'm still rewarded to such magnificent view, perfect memories.

Lovely sight!

I still remember the 768 steps up the Church in order to get such a panoramic view of Ulm in Baden-Wurttemberg and Neu-Ulm in Bavaria.

Truly historic, the sights were breathe taking. Although it took me sweats to reach to the highest point, it's definitely worth the exercise!

Walking along the streets and continue to explore.

The hybrid car that was not seen in Singapore.

Hotel Schiefes Haus, another historic building dating from 1443, located in the ancient Fishermen's quarter, was renovated in 1995.

Hotel Schiefes Haus
Hotel Schiefes Haus (Front)
It was one of the oldest houses in Ulm. 

Hotel Schiefes Haus
Hotel Schiefes Haus (Side)

It's special point was that its crooked and on the banks of the canal.

Hotel Schiefes Haus
Hotel Schiefes Haus (Side)

Students, mainly from Ulm university were enjoying tanning under the sun during summer.

A visit to Germany, Ulm wasnt that bad afterall in summer despite the hot weather we had,  such beautiful scene by the walkway was priceless!

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