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Thursday, December 15, 2022

Chin Chin Eating House

Over the years, Chin Chin Eating House has been popular among tourists as well as locals for its Hainanese Cuisine such as their Pork Chop, Mutton Soup as well as Chicken Rice. My last trip to Chin Chin was about 9 years back.

We ordered the Ma Po Beancurd to share among ourselves. The dish tasted homely with fermented beans and not very spicy with minced meat. It was not starchy and was topped up with chopped spring 

Ma Po Beancurd 麻婆豆腐 - $8 

Another delectable dish we had on the table will be the french beans stir-fried with garlic.

French bean 四季豆 - $10 (Small) 

Compared to what I had the other time, it seems like they have altered their recipe as the Pork Chop was no longer breaded coated. Nonetheless, the dish was still served with potato wedges and green peas with a bowl of savoury sauce to drench over the Pork Chop. The meat maintained uniform thickness and tenderness. 

Hainanese Pork Chop 海南猪扒 - $10 (Medium)

The star on the table is none other than their popular poached chicken. We ordered half a chicken with their fragrant chicken rice for $1 each. The rice was worthy to mention for it was grainy and whet our appetite for more. Poached Chicken was fragrant and tender in its seasonings with an above-average standard but not the best I had from the hawkers. 

Chicken (Half) 半只鸡 - $16

The Sweet Sour Pork is most of our all-time favourite dishes from the Cze Char Menu. The pork was deep fried and very well consistently coated in its sweet sour sauce accompanied by cucumber, onions, green pepper, tomato as well as pineapples.

Sweet Sour Pork 菠萝咕噜肉 - $12

The strong aromatic Prawn Paste Chicken was crispy on the exterior and delicious. However, these are not the best we ever had.

 Prawn Paste Chicken 虾酱鸡 - $10 (Small)

The local ambience of the coffee shop and the heart-warming service from the servers make diners comfortable on top of their yummy dishes. Price on the other hand is reasonable too. 

Posted 8th November 2013

Situated along the shophouses of Purvis Street, Chin Chin Eating House facade is one of the most humble looking among her neighbouring modern eateries. Astounded by the crowd during dinner time, we walked into the eating place and tried to grab a seat. Lo and behold, there was a table for 2, just nice!

Chin Chin Eating House Facade

Besides having good pork chop, they do sell Haianese Chicken Rice, Claypot Mutton Soup which I believe had been drawing the hordes thus its full house on a saturday night. The restaurant interior was simple and decent with hanging ceiling fans at each sector above. Chinese Lanterns were seen hanging from the florescent lights too.

The Crowd

Haianese Pork Chop, being one of its Must Try on their Menu had been awarded for its Best Food for 2011 and 2012.

Green Book Awards for Best Food 2011/2012

It's not quite frequent we come across this dish on the menu moreover it had won the award. Having prepared a similar dish, I would say that it was quite good but not really what I would expect. The dish was served with few potato wedges and boiled green peas with a bowl of tomato gravy.

Hainanese Pork Chop with sauce - $6

The piece of lean meat was fried to golden brown with crumbs coated evenly at its exterior. It was cut into smaller portions equally and was served.

Hainanese Pork Chop
We pour the bowl of diluted tomato ketchup all over the sauce and enjoyed this Haianese fare.

Braised Ee Mee tasted better than average. It's black braised sauce was aromatic and noodles was generously drenched, a little more would have the gravy overflowed.

Braised Ee Mee - $6

Having tried only 2 dishes, I would definitely be back for more when chance come!

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Chin Chin Eating House

19 Purvis Street Singapore 188598

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