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Monday, December 12, 2022

Arteastiq DePatio Plaza Sing

Being spoilt for food choices in Plaza Singapura, we finally settle ourselves in Arteastiq depatio after running an errand.

Arteastiq depatio
Arteastiq depatio

The menu was featured outside the restaurant in a standee form. We are able to glance through the items on the menu before walking into the restaurant.


The area was brightly lited in a comfortable setting. Though it is located indoors, the environment was like dining in an outdoor setting with a wooden table and paved ground.

Interior Setting

Both House Brewed Drinks are rather refreshing in taste with the soda water.

House Brewed Ginger Ale & House Brewed Salted Lemon
House Brewed Ginger Ale & House Brewed Salted Lemon - $6.80

The Pork Belly had a thick crispy crust with succulent meat. The dish was served with sauerkraut, mustard, spices and herbs.

Pancetta Roast Pork Belly
Pancetta Roast Pork Belly - $15

During 4-8pm, Fresh Oysters will be priced at $2 per piece instead of the usual $3.50. However, this promotion will only be limited to 1 dozen per table only.  The Oysters are served with lemon and onion red wine vinegar to pair along. 

Fresh Oysters
Fresh Oysters - $2 / Pcs

230g Black Angus Rib eye served with sauteed spinach, fries and garlic butter. The meat was tender enough and cook to the right doneness as requested.

French Affection Ribeye
French Affection Ribeye - $34

The Cod Fish and Chips were not greasy and were served with shoestring fries, horseradish mayo, lemon pepper and mushy peas.

Cod Fish & Chips
Cod Fish & Chips - $20

A different kind of execution for a classic Tiramisu is to remove the film surrounding the dessert and let the layered smooth mascarpone cheese collapse into the sponge finger with brewed black coffee. Not too bad, at least we had a satisfying ending with the meal.

Classic Tiramisu
Classic Tiramisu - $16

Food overall was standard fare. 

Rating: 3 / 5

Arteastiq DePatio Plaza Sing
 Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road #03-70/72 Singapore 238839

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