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Friday, February 14, 2020

Zai Shun 载顺

For people who is staying in Jurong area, Zai Shun should be no stranger to you. The place is well known for its freshly cook delicious fish. The settings more make it seems like they are just another Cze Char Stall in the coffeeshop but this isn't it. They have their own unique menu which I would confidently say that dishes were mostly traditionally home cook taste. They operate in 2 sessions, with morning to afternoon selling dishes in economical rice style with porridge. While most of my visits are during the evening, they only offer cook to order dishes.

Zai Shun
The combination of black fungus with egg was simple but delightful. The fungus was soaked to its softness and together with the sweetness of the fried egg, the tasteless black fungus was made a perfect marriage.

Black Fungus with Egg 木耳蛋 - $9
The steamed minced meat was something that I craved for too. The taste was salty and sweet enough for me to pair it with white rice. Another simple meal that is packed full of home cook tastes that reminds us of the food that grandparents used to cook.

Minced Meat with salted egg 咸蛋肉饼 - $9
Fish dishes were their forte and their types of fishes are subjected to daily availability.  It always amazed me by how fast they were to serve these dishes up to our table.

HK Style  港式清蒸
There were a few selections for diners on how they want their fish to be prepared. We can get it done in Hong Kong Style with Soy Sauce, in Bean Paste or even in Assam Claypot.

Parrot Fish 青衣 - $32
However, if you are lost and not sure which cooking style is suitable for which fish, you can always seek for their recommend.

Steamed Fish with Bean Paste Sauce 豆酱蒸 - $32
The sauce comprising of fermented soy paste was thinly coated evenly on the surface of the fish topped with fried lard, cut chili and spring onions as garnishing. Such flavor with a tad of spiciness is a good reminiscent of comfort and traditional home cook fish dishes.

One of my Favourite Orders
You can opt for the Fish Curry if you want to skip steam fishes for instance, Zai Shun do also offer them in claypot curry too.

Curry Fish
Prawns roll were fried into golden brown. The rolls were crispy on the outside and tasted quite ordinary.

Fried Prawn Roll 虾枣 - $8
Though bitter, these slices of bitter gourd do serve its health beneficial purposes. It aids in expelling heat away from the body system and also boost immunity. The dish was fried together with scrambled eggs and basically, the marriage of both has struck a good balance bitter the wok taste of sweet eggs and a little bitterness.

Bittergourd with Double Eggs 苦瓜双蛋 - $9
Another restaurant look-alike dishes doles out from the kitchen. Wee! Different types of shrooms were decked up by the rectangular shapes of steam beancurd drenched and accompanied by sweet gravy.

Steamed Beancurd with Mushroom 白灵菇豆腐 - $10
I just cannot stop singing praises to most of Zai Shun's dishes are they were my rated comfort food. Even the herbal chicken was applaudable. It was served in a bag with a good herbal aroma. The meat was tender with a good substantial herbal taste.

Herbal Chicken 药材鸡 - $12
Trust me, if you love savoring down some traditional and delicious steam fish dishes, you will definitely love the way Zai Shun prepares their fishes, be it in Assam, Hong Kong Style, Teochew style or even curry.  Their standard and quality of dishes have been reputable and consistent all these years. 

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Zai Shun 载顺
Location: 253 Jurong East Street 24 #01-205 Singapore 600253

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