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Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Seorae (JEM)

Everytime as I pass by Seorae (JEM) during the meal time, there is a long queue form outside the restaurant without fail and this had caught my attention. 

Seorae is popular for being a pork rare-cut specialist as they introduce rare and premium pork cuts such as the Pork Skirt Meat aka Galmaegisal to Singapore. They are the largest Korean BBQ Pork Specialist Chain from South Korea with over 300 outlets globally. 


There is a limit of 90 minutes dining and let's take a look at the menu. 


The Abundance Feast offers 8 Premium Meat and of course other Signature Korean Galmaegsal for Grill as well as free flow of Banchan.

Abundance Feast

What's your favourite Banchan?


The Abundance Feast comprises 2 platters, Prosperity Platter & Golden Platter. The difference is that the Prosperity Platter includes Beef, Pork and Chicken while the Golden Platter does not offer beef.

Abundance Platter

We chose the Propserpity Platter for there are more types of meat. Here's the 8 Premium Meat on a "8" Platter.

Signature US Pork Skirt Meat (Galmaegisal)
Premium Pork Jowl (Hangjeongsal)
Original Chestnut Pork Belly (Chestnut Pork Samgyeobsal)
Spicy Chestnut Pork Belly  (Spicy Pork Samgyeobsal)

US Primer Beef Bone-in Short Rib (LA Galbi)
Prime Beef Oyster Blade (Seorae Bulgogi)

Garlic Chicken Thigh (Garlic Dakgalbi)
Spicy Chicken Thigh (Spicy Dakgalbi)

Prosperity Platter

Each fully-grown pig only produces 250g of this sirloin-extension, Skirt meat better known as Galmaesial in Korean. Its Juicy and tender.  This rare part was said to be reserved strictly for Korean royalties in olden days.

BBQ Starts

Seorae had marinated and massaged the Pork skirt meat for 30 minutes using their authentic Korean spices. No doubt that they are juicy, it's of lesser fat.

Signature US Pork Skirt Meat (Galmaegisal)

Adopting the use of Binchotan, generates intense consistency in the heat, ensuring that each piece of meat is grilled to perfection, allowing patrons to achieve a better texture, tenderness and smokiness. Of course enhancing the diners' experience. 


There are 3 compartments at the side of the BBQ stove,  with the largest containing grilled egg, followed by in noodles and the smallest with cheese.

Start The Barbecuing

Grilled Egg

Besides dabbing the BBQ meat in the 3 kinds of sauces (Ssamjang, Onion and Gochujang) given, cheese lovers can roll the eat like this on the melted cheese.


My friend and I were fighting for the cheese and it got depleted easily as both of us were cheese lovers. For additional refills, it can be topped up at additional charges.

Meat and Cheese

Garlic Chicken Thigh (Garlic Dakgalbi) & Spicy Chicken Thigh (Spicy Dakgalbi)


The charred edges had given the juicy meat another level of taste. 

Premium Pork Jowl (Hangjeongsal)

They changed over to a meal plate for Barbecue the pork Belly and the Beef.

Original Chestnut Pork Belly (Chestnut Pork Samgyeobsal) &
Spicy Chestnut Pork Belly  (Spicy Pork Samgyeobsal)

Let's make our own Korean Lettuce Wraps. We took the given fresh lettuce and placed the BBQ meat, preferred items and sauce, wrapped it up and pop into our mouth. The combination of savoury BBQ meat with crunchy lettuce was delicious.

My own kind of Ssambap

Here are the last two pieces of meat to Barbecue. All good things have to come to an end soon.

US Primer Beef Bone-in Short Rib (LA Galbi)

The slice of Prime Beef Oyster Blade was flavourful and yes! yummy! We enjoyed the entire BBQ session without feeling like a walking BBQ when we left as the ventilation system as well as the equipment use to withdraw the smoke was efficient.

Prime Beef Oyster Blade (Seorae Bulgogi)

Washing down the food, we were refreshed by Subak Cocktail. Subak also known as watermelon in Korean is light, fruity and perfect to paired with BBQ Food. The natural sweetness of the watermelon in combination to the mild neutral flavour of the Soju creates a delightful and easy-to-drink cocktail.

Subak Cocktail - $25.90

Food and service by the crew were friendly. Thank you Hema for the great service.

Thank you SGHappens & Seorae for the invitation.

Seorae Korean Charcoal BBQ (Jem)
JEM, 50 Jurong Gateway Rd, #B1-10, Singapore 608549

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