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Saturday, December 30, 2023

Tracy Juice Culture

While I heard something about the dish "Mushroom Udon" via the social media, we head down to Fortune Center and want to give it a try. I was pretty shock as I arrived the shop navigating myself with the unit number on the given address and found out that it was a Fruit Juice place. I was initially puzzled for Udon to be sold there, nonetheless, we continued our ordering thereupon looking at the wall's big menu.

It's a small outlet with limited seats.

Inside Tracy Juice Culture

Here comes their famous mushroom soup udon. While having the Udon halfway, I realised that I was actually having vegan food with vegetables and mock meat in the bowl of savoury thick luscious mushroom gravy mixing up the thick strands of Udon. Ingredients are none other than visible slices of mushroom with cherry tomato, broccoli as well as mocked meat. We were satisfied by this tasty bowl of Udon.

Tracy's Special Mushroom Udon 健施特制乌冬面 - $14 (Set)

The set of Tracy's Special Mushroom Udon comes with a bowl of nutritional white fungus with peach gum dessert. If you do not prefer to have a set meal, you can order it on an Ala Carte basis. Love the not too sweet dessert with the soft and velvety texture of the peach gum, white fungus coupled by red dates and longan. 

Dessert for the Set

What a weird combination I thought with Fruits in Curry and Udon. Spiciness level is acceptable and if you were to ask me it has more of a tangy and sour taste that makes the healthy bowl of curry so wholesome. Fruits like pineapples are essential to make up the sour taste. I feel weird having grapes, cherry tomatoes and dragonfruits in my bowl of curry noodles. Well! That's what makes it so special.

Fruit Juice Curry 水果咖喱 - $9.90

If you feel adventurous enough, you may want to try out their special Udon. They also have another outlet in International Plaza.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Tracy Juice Culture
Fortune Centre, 190 Middle Rd, #01-34 Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979

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