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Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Bingz Singapore 西少爷肉夹馍

When there are new eateries in Singapore, there are bound to have long queues and yes we were one of them in the queue. Bingz's had opened their first outlet in Singapore at Westgate, Jurong East. Its a fast food concept but serving Chinese food, popular with their Crispy Burger aka Rou Jia Mo 肉夹馍


Having patronised the place during its early stages of operations, we observed some discrepancies in how the staff managed the crowd but nonetheless, as usual, we will be patient. 

Make your own combo by choosing one item from A, B and C each to get $3 off the classic combo.

A - Choose a Crispy Entree
B - 1 Perfect Match 
C - 1 Beverage


A Crispy Entrees

Calorie watchers will be happy as Bingz's menu indicates the calories for their items. The shredded pork meat from The Signature Pork looks tempting and we ordered one to try. The "Chinese Burger" deserves a mention with its crispy and flaky bun. However, the shredded pork that had the moist and juicy look was lacklustre in taste. Bland.

178g | 525Cal

The Signature Pork 经典腊汁肉夹馍

We Ordered the Black Pepper Beef and mushroom too. There were chunks of Beef mixed with mushroom and black pepper. I guess likewise, only their Bun deserves a mentioned as the fillings were indeed lacking of savoury taste.

178g | 527Cal

Black Pepper Beef & Mushroom 黑胡牛霖肉夹馍 - $6.99

B - Perfect Matches

Sesame 360g | 568Cal
Chili Oil 360g | 450Cal

For the cold noodles, one can choose either with Sesame or Chilli sauce. This dish is suitable for vegetarians. The bowl of noodles was rather filling and the ingredients included Mocked Meat and shredded cucumber topped with Sesame Seed. It tasted good for me but it became "jelat" having more than half a bowl of it. 

Cold Noodles (Liang Pi - Sesame / Chili Oil) 凉皮系列 (麻酱/红油 ) - $6.59 / $5.99

The bowl of Wonton Soup looks eye catching with seaweed, shredded egg as well as chopped spring onions. The Pork Wontons were bite-size and we were kind of disappointed as both the soup and Wonton were not tasty.

10pc | 362 Cal

Wanton Soup (Pork) 金牌鲜肉小馄饨 - $6.99

If you prefer the chili oil version of Wonton, you can choose to order this. The good thing is that they were not overly oily and had a lot of vinegar within, topped with chopped peanuts, coriander, spring onions and sesame seeds as garnish.

10PC | 629 Cal

Chili Oil Wonton (Pork) 红油金牌鲜肉小馄饨 - $6.99

C - Beverages

The Ice Jelly can be added on when you purchase their combo at $1.99 each. 

The Brown Sugar Ice Jelly was too healthy and tasted bland. It was not cold enough too.

Brown Sugar Ice Jelly (with nuts) - $3.89

Likewise for Coconut Ice Jelly. Its a layer of coconut milk with sesame seed and too bad it was not cooling enough.

Coconut Ice Jelly (with nuts) - $3.89

We had the chicken Nuggets as add-on on and chili powder was given separately. There were no chili sauce available when asked. These bite-size chicken nuggets were decent and good for sharing.

Smokin' Hot Chicken Nuggets 黄金鸡块- $5.49 

Overall, their cuisine does not really suit our tastebuds for this visit. Perhaps I should visit the popular Chinese Burger in the West before I come back here again.

Rating: 3 / 5 

Bingz Singapore 西少爷肉夹馍
Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive, Mall, #B1-27, Singapore 608532

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