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Friday, December 1, 2023

Hou Lah [Media Invite]

Ever been to Art Box & massive food events? If so, you should have seen them as one of the booths dishing out the Signature Thick Toasts from Taiwan.

Hou Lah 厚啦

They pride themselves on using most ingredients purely imported directly from Taiwan. 

Taiwan Local Dishes

The Milk Tea has a subtle Red Tea Fragrance with the right amount of milk without being too sweet in its level. On top of that, we can taste that they use brown sugar for the beverage.

Milk Tea 奶茶  - $3.20

Wintermelon tea is refreshing. It was not overly sweet and had good hints of fragrance.

Wintermelon Tea 冬瓜茶 - $3

For their Aiyu Jelly Ice, while other shops would have bought the ready-made from their supplier, they did it from scratch using the Aiyu seed.

Aiyu Jelly Ice 爱玉冰 - $4.80

The sentence of Chinese characters advised diners to eat while the food was hot so as to relate the differences.

Great Advisory

My first time having such a combination of my toast with tea flavours. This combination of Early Grey Creme and Thick Toast has a delightful and unique flavour, immediately sweeping my feet off. I love the distinct fragrance of the Early Grey while biting down the toast and enjoying the light creme texture of the spread. Having the toast with a crispy exterior while maintaining the pillow-soft interior was what made it special too.

Earl Grey Creme Thick Toast 伯爵红茶奶酥厚片 - $5.80

They did live up to their name for these Thick Toast did really get my appetite. Getting creative with Puff Pastry in combination with Thick Toast was something to die for. The fragrant and flaky layers of pastry gave a good contrast to the texture of the soft toast. Moreover, the Classic puff contained milk powder flavours, bringing out both sweet and savoury tastes.

Classic Puff Pastry Thick Toast 酥皮奶酥厚片 - $8.80

While many eateries in Singapore served this popular Taiwanese Crepe would have made use of the "Frozen Prata" as the wrap, Hou Lah's made an effort to make every one of their dish as close if not as exact to what we had in Taiwan Night Markets. The Beeft Taiwan Crepe was totally awesome, with the crepe encasing beef pieces in savoury gravy.

Beef Taiwan Crepe 牛肉蛋饼 -  $6.20

I knew I loved this dish when they served my favourite Tong Yi Instant Noodles here. Besides topping up the QQ noodles with shallot oil, the original braised chicken & the sunny-side-up egg complemented the dish so well.

TW. Noodles (Original Chicken) 原味鸡肉 - $7.80

A comforting bowl of noodle soup that tasted so homely. Not the typical Yi Mian that we found in the hawker stall. Ingredients were pretty straightforward with cuttlefish ball, broccoli, eggs and none other than the 2 big prawns. 

Seafood Guo Shao Yi Mian 海鲜锅烧意面 - $10.80

The concept of Hou Lah offering Taiwanese Cuisine apart from the usual mainstream Taiwanese dishes that appear on most of the menus in Singapore's eateries managed to capture people like us who enjoy Authentic Cuisine, with most ingredients imported from Taiwan.

They have an Opening Special from 2nd to 10th December 2023, enjoy 10% OFF Total bill + a chance to win a FREE meal at the pinball game when you spend $20 at the cafe.

Thank you Lao Niang Agency & Hou Lah for the invitation.

Hou Lah
783 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198751

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