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Saturday, November 25, 2023

Old World (Toh Guan)

 The entire coffee shop underwent a revamp sometime back and it was back in operation with more stalls in a brightly lit environment. There are a few new stalls as compared to previously and Old World still remains there luckily. We noticed that their menu had also expanded to other dishes, not just strictly to their popular Pork Ribs Soup and Fried Porridge.

Old World

Mee Tai Bak (Following the Menu) is always my favourite choice of noodles and while spotting this Malaysian-style dish on the menu, I had no hesitation to order it. 


Upon receiving the notification on the buzzer, I hurried to the stall to collect my dish. Initially, I thought that the kitchen had made a mistake as I did not order Bee Hoon. It was then I realised that the dish was comprised of some Bee Hoon purposely. 

Fried Hokkien Seafood Mee Tai Bak is packed full of sweet savoury dark sauce with a mixture of Mee Tai Bak & Bee Hoon topped with fragrant fried pork lard.  Prawns, vegetables and lean meat was part of the ingredients.

Fried Hokkien Seafood Mee Tai Bak 炒福建海鲜老鼠粉 - $6

Pork knuckle was well braised to tenderness and had hints of soy sauce taste. The meal comes with pickled vegetables and a sunny side-up egg and broccoli. 

Pork Knuckle Rice 猪脚饭 - $6

The meat disintegrates easily with some pull and is totally yummy. 

Tender Pork Knuckle

The broth is as flavourful as before with a variety of pork organs like liver, stomach, lean meat, intestines, meat ball etc. The appetizing and hearty soup is irresistible.

Mixed Pig's Organ Soup 猪杂汤 - $4.50

These fried intestines were deep-fried and crispy in their bite-size form. Their standard and quality still remain as per our last order of similar dish.

Fried Large Intestine 炸大肠 - $6.50

Looks like the dining pal did not have the craving fix with this bowl of Fried Porridge! The fried porridge was indeed lacklustre. Something was missing from the savoury and flavourful taste we used to have. The bowl of porridge was term disappointing without the "Wok Hei" and tasted ordinary like our usual porridge.

Mixed Pig's Organ Fried Porridge 猪杂炒粥 - $6

If you love soup dishes with rice, their Pork and oyster Rice Soup is a good choice too. The oysters were fleshy and yummy with minced meat and lean meat making up the dish. It was something similar to Teochew Fish Porridge or Poached Rice aka "Pao Fan". As a soup lover, this dish has passed my tastebuds.
                     Pork & Oysters Rice Soup 猪肉生蚝饭汤 - $6.80

Having tried some of their new dishes, I'm quite glad that I have enjoyed them.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Old World
267A Toh Guan Rd, Singapore 601267

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