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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Beauty Malatang 烫一烫美人麻辣烫 [Media Invite]

Walking into the back alley of Sim Lim Square with past memories flashing into my mind, I can never imagine this place has been transformed from being a place packed with computer shoppers to today where the whole stretch has become food places and spas.

Nonethless, we visited Beauty Malatang which is just located beside the popular Salted Egg Dishes place, Taste Good 好味小厨

Beauty Malatang

The place is cosy and located at Level 2. As soon as we settled down, there were increasing patrons coming in and soon it was full house.

Price of the items

Beauty Malatang offers all items at a fixed rate be it vegetables of meat, starting with a minimum of 300g to order with $2.88 priced at per 100g.

Step 1 - Pick your items here

First, we select our desired items from the above and then head to the counter and choose our soup base. For Spicy lovers, you can opt for their Signature Ma La Soup which is the soup version or even the non-soup version with their Mala Xiang Guo or Mala Sesame Pot. 

Step 2 - Pick your base

For the non-spicy options, one can choose their Chicken Collagen Soup or Tomato Soup.

Step 3 - Weight the Items

The Signature Mala Soup Base was acceptable and went pretty went with the crunch items like potato, lotus, other vegetables etc. The spicy level 

Signature Ma la Soup Base

Glad that their tomato soup base was rich and I added the Carrot Noodles to pair with my items selection. The Tomato flavours made the meal an appetizing one with its tangy and sweet flavours without being too cloying. 

Tomato Soup Base

We spend close to $40 for 2 bowls of Malatang with 2 other drinks.  Malatang has been growing its popularity over the past few years and seems to be easily everywhere, now that if we are shopping in Sim Lim Square, Malatang lovers will be happy to enjoy their meal in the building itself.

Thank you Scale Micro Influencers for the invitation.

Beauty Malatang 烫一烫美人麻辣烫
Location: Sim Lim Square, Rochor Canal Rd #02-03, Singapore 188504

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