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Friday, November 24, 2023

Barelang Seafood Restaurant

Going to Barelang Seafood Restaurant has always been in my mind for my visits to Batam but it was always "out of the way" for dinner and our packed itineraries. During the last round, we visited Rezeki Seafood Restaurant and yes finally, we had set foot here. 

Barelang Seafood Restaurant

We did not make any reservations and as a first-timer there, we were impressed by the large-scale dining area. There was no electronic bells to call the server from a far distance. We either waved frantically to get their attention or simply walk all the way back to somewhere near the entrance if we need their service,

Dining Area

There were simply many seatings facing the sea and we chose the seat with a view of the Barelang bridge, hoping to get some shots of the blue hours.

View of Barelang Bridge

Ocean Blue! What a beautiful drink made of syrup with Nata De Coco and Chia Seeds.

Ocean Blue 蓝色海

We also had a Coconut Drink to cool ourselves amidst the hot weather. 

Coconut Drink 椰子水 

We were not in the luck of ordering Lobster and Crayfish and were told sold out. We took the alternative to order their Butter Prawns. They were medium in size, similar to what we usually have from a basic bowl of prawn noodles. 

Butter Fried Prawns

Having tried the Mantis Shrimp in Batam before, I was reminded of its tough shells and springy meat.
We ordered a plate of 3 pieces and opted for steaming cooking method. These shrimps were seasoned with soy sauce, chilli, garlic and ginger.

Udang Belalang Mantis Shrim 螳螂虾

The style of Petai was a culture shock to me. The stinky beans were generously accompanied by fried crispy Ikan Bilis and spicy chilli. There were simply too much spice and Fried Ikan Bills that we could not finish .

Petai Bilis Stinky Beans Dried Fish 臭豆小鱼干 

The salted egg fried crab was well coated but not as savory as compared to what we had in Singapore. Nonetheless, freshness of their seafood was assured.

Salted Egg Fried Crab 咸蛋炒螃蟹

I will be back for Lobster and Crayfish.

Barelang Seafood Restaurant
 Jalan Trans Barelang City, Tembesi, Kec. Sagulung, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29472, Indonesia

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