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Thursday, November 23, 2023

Marché Mövenpick Singapore (Vivocity)

I believe that Marché Mövenpick Singapore needs no introduction. This Swiss marketplace restaurant offers a wide selection of fresh and healthy products. If you enjoy the atmosphere where your food is being prepared or cooked in a warm and open kitchen, you will definitely enjoy the lively market there.

They pride themselves on honest, hand-prepared food made from fresh and local ingredients. Take a break and enjoy the moments when you see your food cook in front of your eyes.

Chicken Schnitzel is another classic dish of my favourite. It features the breaded fried chicken cutlet served with mashed potatoes and green salad. Completed with a squeeze of lemon juice over it.

Chicken Schnitzel - $19.90

Do not miss out on Marche's Rosti as it's a must-have and one of my dishes on the table for every visit without fail! The Rosti is done from scratch, from peeling and shredding the potato. We all love the crispy crust of the Original Swiss Rosti while having the inside soft and fluffy. We enjoyed the Rosti topped with sour cream and chicken cheese sausage.

Original Swiss Rosti & Chicken Cheese Sausage - $10.90 + $7.90

Their Mushroom soup is also one of my all-time favourites too. Pairing it with Garlic Bread gave you a very full and comforting fill. The bread was of a thick slice, tucked with some butter at the side of the plate.

Cream of Mushroom & Garlic Bread- $8.90 + $4.20

The Cream of Mushroom's texture is thick and creamy topped with croutons. I love the little mushroom bits and chunks from every scoop of my serving. 

Mushroom Soup & Croutons

Filling up our protein quota with Grilled Ribeye Steak. Doneness by default for their steak will be medium. Take a look at the charred grill lines and the glistering top layer, does it make you drool a bit?

Grilled Ribeye Steak - $28.90

Dipping the steak into the brown sauce provided. It's simply delicious!

Steak Dripping with Sauce

Pairing the Ribeye Steak with an additional side order of Sauteed Mushrooms. These mushrooms were not only soft but well seasoned with some herbs which perfected their taste!

Sauteed Mushrooms - $6.90 (Add On)

Why does their Pizza taste better? Besides using their own recipe, it's all-natural. Natural homemade dough with an Ultra-Thin Crispy base topped with cheese and fresh herbs.

Truffle Mushroom Pizza - $27.90

True to its name, the Truffle Mushroom Pizza combines the earthy truffle flavours with sauteed mushrooms and packs a great indulgence. Our table was filled with a strong hint of truffle aroma and besides having tomato slices as a base, the generous amounts of mushrooms, cheese slices, rocket and grated cheese powder simply gave this classic a great twist. 

Too heavy

There are many dishes to explore from their fresh market. We definitely would not just stop our visit here and we see more of it coming. Having said that, we were confident that their quality and standards will be good for they have given us good assurance over the years.

Rating: 4 / 5

Marché Mövenpick VivoCity
VivoCity, 1 HarbourFront Walk, #03-14 Singapore 098585
Nearest Station: HarbourFront  (NE1/CC29)

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