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Monday, October 2, 2023

Mentai Sens (Sunset Way)

If you enjoy Mentaiko sauce, the savoury sweetness, creamy and tangy Mentaiko sauce on the bowl of don from Mentai Sens would probably hit the spot. Just on the menu, they have more than 20 rice bowls with torched mentaiko, salmon and cheesy pork katsu at a pocket-friendly pricing. With its original store being at Beauty World Center, it started to grow gradually with more outlets. 

Mentai Sens in Sunset Way

However, not to worry if you are not a fan of Mentaiko. They do offer another type of rice bowls with pork, beef, chicken. Unagi, ebi with other variations like salted egg sauce, cheese, and teriyaki.

Saw some additional sides on their menu and we decided to have the mixed flavours of Tamago with Mentaiko, Cheese and Salted Egg, all torched. What a savoury treat!

Mixed Flavours Tamago (Mentaiko / Cheese / Salted Egg)
混合口味玉子烧 (明太子/芝士/咸蛋)- $3.80

Next up, we had the Potato Croquette which had a crisp breaded texture on the outside, filled with mashed creamy potatoes as fillings. Dabbed onto the mayonise and sauce at the side to enjoy! 

Potato Croquette - $1.60 / Pcs

For every serving of Rice Bowl, it comes with a bowl of miso soup. We were lovers of sauces like cheese and salted egg, thus the Salted Egg Salmon Don was our top choice instead of their bowl of rice with Mentaiko.

Salted Egg Salmon Don 咸蛋酱三文鱼丼 - $6.90

The serving was relatively decent and the slab of Salmon was covered up by a generous amount of Salted Egg Sauce.


We were so tempted by the Cheese Pork Katsu Don for we were cheese lovers. The deep-fried breaded pork was sliced into thin strips and added with cheese as well as egg mixture. 

Cheese Pork Katsu Don 芝士猪排丼 - $6.50

What do you like?

Take a look at the runny egg together with the savoury sauce. We are salivating!. 

Looks so yummy!

The Oyakodon don is always my kind of basic order as it has been giving me a homely feel. Love its savoury taste with egg, chicken and yellow onions topping up the bowl of white rice.

Oyakodon 亲子丼 - $5.50

The amount of sauce was adequate, accompanying the bowl of white rice I had.

Do you love Oyako Don too?

A good separation between the pearl white rice decked with Chicken Katsu and the pool of Curry Tamago. Like any typical Japanese Curry, it was sweet and non-spicy. The egg was soft and smooth, soaked into the pool of curry gravy topped with shredded seaweed. Chicken Katsu was decent however I felt that it was dry and could have done better with a burst of fragrant or even juiciness from the slab of meat.

Chicken Katsu Curry Tamago Don 炸鸡排滑蛋咖喱丼 - $5.90 

The Pork Katsu Don's style of something quite similar to the Oyako Don. Instead of having egg, and onion with chicken cubes, these ingredients were spread onto the fried pork.

Pork Katsu Don 猪排丼 - $5.50

Not going for Chicken & Pork? Perhaps let's try their Beef Don with Mentaiko? 

Mentaiko Gyuniku Don (Beef) 明太子牛肉丼 - $6.90

Rating: 3 / 5

Mentai Sens
 107 Clementi Street 12, #01-K1, Singapore 120107

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