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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Ah Hua Teochew Fishball Noodles

I ordered my favourite combination of Chilli with Ketchip. This time round my Bee Tai Mak tasted overdosed with vinegar and was sour.

Bee Tai Mak Chilli Ketchup

The Mee Kia portion had a good balance of sauce and condiments, so no complaints about it.

Mee Pok Chilli

Beside having the Bee Tai Mak, my next favourite choice of noodles will be the Mee Pok in combination with Tomato Ketchup & Chilli.

Mee Pok

Back to my favourite bowl of Teochew Fishball Soup! The Ingredients are mostly handmade and taste fresh.

Fishball & Fish Cake

I love nostalgic food and this is one of the vegetable roll with fish paste that I love.

Vegetable Roll

Check this out from their Ala Carte Menu. Here comes the Deep Fried Prawn Roll wrapped up the a layer of crispy bean curd skin filled with springy prawns within.

Deep Fried Prawn Roll 炸虾卷

The Prawn Rolls are served piping hot and if you enjoy having Tiger Prawns from Old Chang Kee, they taste similar but of a bigger size.

Springy Prawn

Their Prawn Balls in Soup is something that I would prefer as a side dish. These balls are springy and coupled with the popping effect of the Ebiko in it.

Prawn Balls

Besides this Deep Fried Prawn Roll on their menu, there are many other sides like Fu Zhou Fishballs and Teochew Kiao that is noteworthy. Let's revisit when there is a chance!


@umakemehungry One of the Better Teochew Fishball Noodles out there. Their fish balls are fresh and bouncy #umakemehungry #teochew #foodiesg #sgfoodblogger ♬ Beautiful - JJ Lin & G.E.M.

Ah Hua Teochew Fishball Noodle is located among the Pandan Gardens Estate and they are known for their freshly handmade fish balls & meat balls from scratch. Not only that, even their chili paste is done by their own recipe, thus you will not find anywhere with exact taste.

The nondescript looking bowl of Mee Tai Mak packs full of flavour. Simply love the quality made items that comprises of more of fish meat than flour. The fish balls are indeed bouncy and fresh without any fishy smell.

Mee Tai Mak

The chili is simply awesome and tasty, blending in well with the noodles.  Sometimes, the order can be quite confusing for some as some of the menu item do not allow chilli / tomato but only vinegar. 

Mee Pok - $5

Nevertheless, our favourite order is still the combination of chili with tomato ketchup. Noodles like Mee Kia / Mee Pok is skillfully cooked to Al Dente texture. Even so that these were packed food, the noodle still tastes as good after sometime. It really make me drools upon looking at these bowls of noodles again.

Our Takeaway orders when dining in was restricted

Finally get to dine in after the P2HA period as we always do take away and did not get to taste their soup. The soup is sweet and has a distinctive "Cai Poh" (Preserved Radish) taste. The noodles are simple topped with spring onions, bean sprouts and some minced meat.

Noodle - $5

If you are looking traditionally homemade Teochew Fishball and meatballs with self made chilli paste. Ah Hua Teochew Fishabll Noodles is not to be missed.

Mee Kia - $5

When we get to dine in, we get to order some special drinks like these refreshing Ice Jelly too.

Ice Jelly

To be honest, I'm not a fan of Fish balls noodle and often I will choose other meals instead of fishball noodles if I'm in Hawker or Coffeeshops but Ah Hua Teochew Fishball Noodles is an exception to me.

Rating: 4 / 5

Ah Hua Teochew Fishball Noodles
Location: 415 Pandan Gardens #01-117 Singapore 600415

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