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Friday, October 13, 2023

Dim Sum Haus (Jln Besar)

There are a number of Dim Sum eateries around the area in Jalan Besar and Dim Sum Haus has always been on my list to go for I have not visited the place as I heard good comments from my peers. There are two Dim Sum Haus outlets and the other one is located in Upper Weld Road.

Dim Sum Haus

Let's begin with the Hong Kong Dim Sum Staples, Har Gau and Mini Steam Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf. The Steamed Shrimp Dumpling aka Har Gau was decent and best go with the chilli on the table.

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling “Har Gau”  晶莹鲜虾饺 & 
Mini Steam Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf (2 pcs) 迷你荷叶糯米饭

While the Mini Steam Glutionous Rice in Lotus Leaf comes in 2 packets. The Glutinous Rice was not greasy and was addictive. There was salted egg, braised meat and dried shrimp in the rice, another version of the Chinese "Ba Zhang" aka Dumpling which is served differently, 

Unwrapping the Lotus Leaf 

Delicious Meat Cubes

The Crispy Mee Sua Kueh with Chinese Sausage (3 pcs) 香脆腊味面线糕 was special. It has bits of Chinese Sausage with fragrant dried shrimp in it and was evenly deep-fried in its rectangular shape. 

Yummy Dim Sum Spread

Love its well-baked crispy and flaky texture with its molten lava custard. Yummy!

Baked Salted Egg Custard Bun (3pcs) 脆顶流沙包

The Black Truffle Rice Roll sounds interesting! This item is offered on their Seasonal Menu from Oct to December 2023. The Rice Roll texture was more chewy than the conventional ones we had and tossing these Rice Roll with the Black Truffle Sauce elevates the plain roll with additional aroma.

Black Truffle Rice Roll 黑松肠粉

Teriyaki Siew Mai is also one of the items on their Seasonal Menu and caught my attention immediately as it was eye-pleasing. It was served in a stick of 2 like meatballs. Siew Mai was coated with Teriyaki Sauce and topped with Egg Roes. It tasted a tad on the salty side of the Teriyaki Sauce.

Teriyaki Siew Mai 照烧鱼子烧卖

Pretty interesting to see this from a Dim Sum place with a Halloween Special. What a lovely creation in celebration of the upcoming Halloween. The Halloween Set costs $16.80 while Ala Carte item cost $6 each.

The texture of the Xiao Long Bao was decent and the essence of the XLB was well encased within the skillful wrapup by the XLB Chef. The soup was tasty and yummy.

Halloween Set (Cheesy Xiao Long Bao, Steamed Pumpkin Mochi with Red Beans,
Pumpkin Sago Dessert)- $16.80

What's the fillings inside of the little pumpkins on the Dim Sum Tray? It's the traditional Red Beans paste wrapped with Steamed Pumpkin Mochi. The texture was sticky and sweetness of the paste was acceptable.

Steamed Pumpkin Mochi with Red Beans 南瓜红豆麻

The drink did give us the Halloween feel with the skull and its red eye sockets.

Pumpkin Sago Dessert 南瓜西米露

Having visited a few dim sum eateries in the same area, I would say that Dim Sum Haus will be my preferred choice of Dim Sum Place as the service is friendly and the variety is kind of surprising ~ in this case they have Dim Sum made for the occasion like Halloween. 

Thank you Dim Sum Haus & PR Salon for the invitation.

Dim Sum Haus
57 Jln Besar, Singapore 208809

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