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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Cai Ji Fishball Noodle

 After getting our Laksa at the nearby Coffeeshop, the gluttony us went around the hawker center scouting for more food. We notice the long queue and the attractive fishball noodles on their signboard with the sole fish included.

I guessed the illustration had us at first sight! Hahaha!

Cai Ji Fishball Noodle

Upon receiving the bowl of Fishball Noodle, we were busy, "ransacking" the noodles hoping to get a sight of the sole fish but could not find any. The ingredients of fishball noodles are different from the conventional Fishball Noodles we had. 

Fishabll Noodles Dry 

Apart from having the usual ingredients like lean meat, fish cakes, and fishballs, they include a prawn, braised mushrooms, fried wantons and even special meatballs. This is something who appeals to me as I'm someone who always think that fishball noodles are boring with just noodle with fishballs. 

Fish Ball Noodle - $6 (Big)

The fishball lacked the springyness and bounciness. However, the handmade minced meatballs are my favourite items from the bowl and that's where the solefish is found!

Meat Ball

Overall, the bowl of Fishball Noodle tasted above average but not as outstanding as I thought. If you ask if is it worth the time being in that long queue, I would say if the queue is short, I may purchase again.

The stall was helmed by a couple and the menu was very straightforward with either a big bowl or a small bowl of fishball noodles. The queue could have been shortened if the process of preparation had been improvised.


Rating: 3.25 / 5

Cai Ji Fishball Noodle
 Block 93 Lor 4 Toa Payoh, #01-59, Singapore 310093

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