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Monday, September 11, 2023

Pa Boon Cafe

As we alighted from the bus and make our way into our lunch place, we were welcomed by some gigantic characters in the garden which make most of us stop by to take photos with their favourite character.

Bumble Bee

The place is scenic and Instagram worthy with a good different vibes.


You get to feel a bit of the farm vibes with rabbits, turkeys, small animals and koi fish around.


The dining place was serene featuring individual pavilions surrounded by the pond. These charming settings provided patrons with an intimate and private setting, allowing us to enjoy our meal while being surrounded by nature; the sound of flowing water, gentle breeze rustling through the trees, splash noises from the Koi fishes in the pond etc. 

Individual Pavilions

The place can be seen bustling with people, families, friends and even couples, relaxing under these shady pavilions.

Surrounded by Pond

You can even feed the fishes in the pond.

Koi Fishes

Besides being thrown with environmental surprises, I received surprises in food too. There are a number of dishes ordered by the locals that I won't get to eat in Singapore Thai Restaurants. 

The Soft Shell Crab with Curry was something that gave us a good surprise. It was sweet and not overly spicy with fried soft shell crab hidden up by the generous amount of eggs. Decent enough.

Soft Shell Crab with Curry - 280 Baht

An assortment of vegetables, Stir-Fried and tasted sweet in its sauce. 

Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables - 150 Baht

Initially, I was thinking about what kind of hot pot was it till I noticed that the Poached Egg was decorated by strands of crab meat sticks. The egg was fluffy and addictive with its seafood taste.

Seafood Poached Egg - 220 Baht

I'm always a fan of Thai Steamed Fish over the Fire. This Steaming method will bring out the freshness of the steamed fish. The Steamed Fish was often topped with garlic, coriander and chilli all over and in this case, we can drench some fish sauce over it and enjoy it.

Steamed Sea Bass with Lime - 390 Baht

Beancurd's skin was crispy and had a filling taste of innards. Not my favourite choice of appetisers as they tasted bitter but I'm sure my local colleagues do enjoy these with the dipping sauce.

Jopu - 320 Baht

Besides the steamed Sea Bass, the Fried Sea Bass was ordered too. It was popular for its crispiness and it tasted good to pair along with the sauces.

Sea Bass with Fish Sauce - 390 Baht

Phad phrik Kaeng with coconut shoots pork, chicken or seafood. Yummy Rice was presented with the real pineapple with fragrant roasted cashew nuts as well as juicy prawns.

Pineapple Baked Rice - 150 Baht

Besides Thai Cuisine, Pa Boon Cafe also offers some Western food. The T Bone Steak is of a big slab paired with sides like garden salad and fries.

T Bone Steak - 380 Baht

The place was an enchanting destination that never fail to impress me from the moment that I walk in through their garden. It has an inviting atmosphere with a cosy environment, not forgetting the variety of mouthwatering Thai Food Dishes they had on their menu.

Pa Boon Café
95 Nong Pla Lai, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

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