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Tuesday, September 12, 2023


Honbo was founded in 2017 by former doctor Michael Chan who named his eatery after the Cantonese name for hamburgers, "hon bo bao"

They are known for its handcrafted quality burgers in Hong Kong and has opened their maiden outlet in Singapore, CHIJMES. 


Honbo prides itself on serving straight-froward American-style burgers made from fresh ingredients. 


They provide a full table service from taking orders to serving your food as they are not a fast food joint. 


With limited seating and the long queue, we waited more than half an hour to get a table for 6.

Dining Area 

Mike's Lemonade has a slight hint of mint leaves and cucumber within. While we were expecting some Earl Grey and Ginger flavours from the other two beverages, it was quite disappointing that the lemonade taste had superseded the Tea and Ginger that we were looking for. Nonetheless, out of all the drinks ordered, the Ginger Lemonade tasted best among all.

Mike's Lemonade, Earl Grey Lemonade and Ginger Lemonade - $7 each

Here are some of the sides we had ordered for sharing.

Pickles, Fries, Tater Tots - $4.90 Each 

These mini Tater Tots are not only good snacks for the kids but also for the adults.

Tater Tots - $4.90

The watery base cheese complimented the fries well for with a savoury taste and we could not resist and keep stretching our hands across the table for this snack!

Cheese Fries - $9.90

Besides the buns, the burgers are garnished with sustainably sourced greens, pickles cured in-house from Japanese cucumber and speciality sauces that are hand-crafted from their own kitchen. From all we know, Honbo's beef is ground fresh daily in-house and free from preservatives, MSG and additives. Each patty is smashed on a flattop griddle upon ordering.

This is their iconic burger that stars their 2x Crispy Beef patties, Cheese, pickles, onion and house sauce. This is where your Honbo adventure starts.

Honbo - $18

Would you like to have a thicket patty?

You can grab something heftier, The Gold Standard comes with 2 thicker patties, crunchy apple-wood smoked bacon, pickles, onions, lettuce and house sauce.

The Gold Standard - $28

Their beef patties are made up of minced beef and I like the fact that they are not densely packed together so we can enjoy the bits of each bite.

You can even order their Double Cheeseburger that comprises 2x Thick Beef, 2x Cheese, Pickles, Onion, Lettuce and House Sauce.

Double Cheeseburger - $24

This is the upgraded version of the Honbo with 4x Crispy Beef, 3x Cheese, Pickles, Onion and house sauce.

Honbo 2.0

Beefless options are available too, They do have large sashimi-grade scallop burgers, impossible burgers and Grilled Chicken Burgers with teriyaki sauce. 

The prices are on the higher side if you were making it a meal with burgers, sides and drinks as compared to places like Shake Shack or Five Guys. No doubt that it tasted good, they are on the greasier side and overall, I will say its not worth the time spent on queuing. 

Rating: 3 / 5

CHIJMES, 30 Victoria Street, #01-09, Singapore 187996

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