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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Aura Blender Review [Media Drop]

If you have watched The Wonder Shop featured by meWatch the "Star selection" episode, you could have come across Singapore's #1 Top Selling Portable blender.  This high-performance personal blender packs a punch for power, style and convenience all in one! 

Do not underestimate the power of its size. It has an incredible speed of 25,000 RPM. It took me less than 30s to have my blueberry milk done. 

Blueberry Milk

Convenient and Portable

This Aura Portable Blender is perfect on the go especially when you want to crush the shakes and workout. It is mini USB C Chargable. It has 1 top lid with a concealed carrying handle and also 1 bottom lid to replace the motor base. It is also perfect for travel usage.

Let's bring it everywhere, anywhere

Insulating Sleeve

It has an insulating sleeve, compatible with any other 500ml bottle. The Aura Insulating Sleeve has a wrist wrap that enables us to handle it properly and best of all, it has water-proof padded protection. The insulating technology helps to keep the drink fresh for hours.

Insulating Sleeve

Borosilicate Glass Jar

The glass is of high quality, engineered by their R&D labs in California. It has measurement-making on the jar and makes following recipes easy. The glass has reinforced durability and is of food grade, has no chemicals, is totally odour and is stain-resistant. It has a large capacity of 480ml, capable of withstanding hot or cold

Glass with markings

Friendly to Ears

While I had experienced a few portable blenders in the market. The Aura blender was not noisy to my ears. It can be used in a gym or even a shared workspace without disturbing others.

In Built Safety

The blender will not operate if the glass jar is not properly and firmly affixed to its base unit. 

Portable Blender

Self Cleaning

I was thinking hard when I was thinking how it self-clean. Add some water and a drop of detergent to the Glass Jar and turn on the blender, do this a few times and the device will be cleaned. It's quite easy.

Thank you, Aura for sending the blender.

Aura Blender Singapore

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