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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Abundance (Redhill)

I'm finally back to Abundance after a year plus! Its good to see that they have been doing well with additional outlets in Jalan Besar. Surprisingly they are still packed with customers on a Weekday evening. I'm glad to see there are new items on the menu! We ordered their Fizzy Drinks to pair with our meal.

Fizzy Iced Lemon Tea 柠檬茶 & Fizzy Lychee Oolong Tea 荔枝乌龙茶 - $4.90 each
I'm glad that there was no price hike for this Gua Bao and still tasted as good. The luscious and well-braised pork belly topped with hand-roasted peanuts, house pickles and coriander still made up this signature Bun Dish.

Gua Bao 刈包 - $7.90

If you love the Salted Egg savoury sauce, you will be attracted to this. The prawn patty texture were springy and bouncy coupled with delicious and rich Salted egg sauce together with crispy egg floss. not forgetting the soft bun that cradled the ingredients. 

Salted Egg Prawn Bun 咸蛋虾包 - $13.90

On their recommendation list! The braised beef shank was flavourful and paired with sesame egg, house pickles and topped with crispy garlic that enhanced the fragrance of the dish. On a side note, the vegetables of the house pickles can be better if they prepared it in smaller piece.

Braised Beef Bowl 牛腱卤肉饭 - $16.90

The San Bei aka 3 Cups Oyster Mushrooms was to die for. It was an additive side dish to me as I could not resist myself and kept popping them into my mouth. The dish had a well-blended taste of basil, rice wine and sesame oil.

San Bei Mushrooms 三杯杏鲍菇 - $13.90

With the seating limitation, our empty plates and bowls were quickly taken away by the servers. It was good that they are efficient but on the contrary, such efficiency kind of gives us a feel that we have to dine within a period.

Posted on 17th February 2022

Just 5 minutes walk away from Redhill MRT station, you will get to this Adundance Taiwanese Style Cafe that is located under the HDB flats.


Though there is both outdoor and indoor seating, the space is still of a limited capacity.


The music in Abundance foster a relaxed and chilling environment. Furthermore, they have Craft Beers on tap as well as having them in the fridge. It would not be a bad choice if you want to have some beer over some Taiwanese Food.


The Fizzy Iced Lemon Tea comes with a taste of Iced Lemon Tea mixed with soda was refreshing. It was served in a small glass cup with ice cubes. I find that the amount was too little for me and I might need 3 cups for meal.

Fizzy Iced Lemon Tea - $3.90

Under the beverage menu, there are only 5 non-alocholic choices and only the Fizzy Iced Lemon Tea and Apple Sidra are something that we would not find off the shelves usually.

Apple Sidra 苹果西打  - $3.90

"Golden Egg" on the menu looked interesting. It was actually fried century egg wrapped in spring roll skin topped with bonito flakes and drizzled with sweet and spicy sauce.

Golden Egg  - $6

The preparation may be of something different but the taste as a whole was rather ordinary. 

Century Egg in Spring Roll Skin

If you were to ask me, I find nothing exciting in its taste. The taste is rather distinctive in the individual ingredients used. I would say its just some crispy roll over century egg, bonito flakes and chilli sauce taste.

Fried Century Egg

The Gua Bao, a popular street food in Taiwan is also the first item on their menu. I guess most of us are here for this! This distinctive Asian Burger was sandwiched by a savoury brasied pork belly, generously spreaded with sweet peanuts, pickles and decorated with the Chinese parsely.

Gua Bao 刈包 - $7.90

The chef used to make their buns in house but due to manpower issues, they have to resort in using factory made ones to meet the demand.

Side View of the Gua Bao

The thick pork belly was melty yet not over greasy. Totally flavourful and strike a good balance of fat and meat. 

It may be messy but definitely worth it

Braised Beef Noodles was awesome. The thin noodles were fresh and served in a bundle without sticking together with braised beef golden coin. The broth may looked spicy and oily but it holds a good buttery scent that I like.

Beef Noodles 红烧牛肉面 - $16.90

The texture of the noodles was smooth and the braised beef was tender and disintegrate easily.

Tender Beef

The bowl of fried rice is the most expensive item on the menu. The fried rice was cooked with beef fat and topped with slices of short rib. There is a strong whiff of truffle fragrance from this dish which kept my stomach growling. Mixed the Sou Vides egg into the fried rice together with the Tobiko to enjoy a different texture.

Niu Yolk 牛小排 - $19

100g of beef short ribs were included. Price is steep but its okay to indulge once a while. We topped up the dish with Tobiko at $2. The portion may be a little small if you are sharing. I absolutely love how this dish is executed especially with the runny onsen egg that gave a golden goodness and creamier taste!

Topped up Tobiko - $2

All in all, I find that the food is not too bad and I don't mind revisiting Abundance again.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

63A Lengkok Bahru 01-378, Singapore 151063
Nearest Station: Redhill (EW18)

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