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Saturday, August 5, 2023

Burapha Bird's Nest

While I was looking around for some activities the night near my accommodation, I decided to go to Burapha Bird's Nest place on foot. The branding of the bird nest sounds familiar to me as I recall that I ever visited the same in Bangkok's Chinatown.

Burapha Bird's Nest

The shop was neat and with a handful of bird nest products on display. I was the only customer in the shop that night.

Products on Display

I looked through the menu and was contemplating if to bring back some. 


I decided that I should just enjoy the hot bowl of bird nest on the spot.


I decided to go for the cheapest bowl of Bird Nest on the Menu with my bowl topping up with another 50 Baht of Gingko nuts.

白丝碎燕 - 200 Baht

The bowl of bird nest comes with a glass of ice chrysanthemum tea and the sweetness level was not too sweet.

Gingko Nuts topped up - 50 Baht

While enjoying my basic bowl of bird nest half way through, I decided to order another bowl from the Menu to try out. I had the most expensive bowl on the menu, a contrary to what I had earlier on. 

红丝燕一白 - 1000 Baht

The amount of bird nest per spoonful is twice as much more than the basic bowl and I was given Gingko Nut in the bowl without topping the desserts. 

Gingko Nuts

One good part about Burapha Bird's Nest place is that they are never pushy about their products to tourists and I really enjoyed the peaceful time there sipping down the nourishing bird nest.

Burapha Bird's Nest
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