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Monday, July 3, 2023

Mr Pig

After the Renovation of Young Sin Restaurant, my favourite Kway Teow soup stall no longer exist. However, the newly renovated coffee shop welcomes a new stall name "Mr Pig". Mr Pig offers a good variety of items on their menu, featuring Kway Chap and Pig Organ Soup.

Mr Pig

They do have Congee and Handmade Noodles on the menu too.


While renovating of coffeeshop has been seen as a trend in the neighbourhood lately, they have also installed some fanciful neon lights with some Chinese quotes to liven up the atmosphere.

On the walls

I'm here for this! No doubt that it's $5, their ingredients were generous and the soup base was appetizing.  The organs were well prepared without any gamey taste. Ingredients include liver, lean meat, pork belly, stomach, meatball, tomato and preserved vegetables. 

Pig Organ Soup - $5

The Kway Chap Set comes with a bowl of Kway and a plate of well-braised pig offals with braised egg and Tau Pok. The intestines were well clean and the braised style was simple.

Kway Chap Set - $5.80

We have the Pig Stomach Soup with an additional bowl of white rice at $0.80. The stomach was tender and cooked together with tomatoes, tofu and preserved vegetables. The fried shallots enhanced the taste of the soup too.

Pig Stomach Soup - $5.50

The braised pork belly rice was not too bad. It has its savoury sauce drenched on the meat and good pairing with the bowl of plain rice as well as braised eggs. Preserved vegetables were included too. I dare to say that this bowl of braised pork belly rice is better than the recent Taiwanese place I visited.

Braised Pork Belly Rice - $5.50

They are my preferred Pig Organ Soup Stall to visit if I'm in Bukit Batok Vinicity. I will very much like to return for their congee and other dishes.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Mr Pig
Blk 132 Bukit Batok West Ave 6  Singapore 650132

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