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Thursday, July 6, 2023

Want Food

While the social media pop-ups with this Taiwanese Food in my feeds as well as my friends, its hard to resist especially when one of our favourite cuisines is Taiwanese Food. Want Food is easily spotted as it is located at the end of the stretch of shophouses. 

Want Food

Their Menu is limited and not much selection. Winter Melon Tea was not too sweet and both drinks were to my liking.

Winter Melon Tea & Pearl Black Milk Tea - $3 & $4.90

We had another popular Taiwanese snack - The Salty Crispy Chicken. It lacked the aroma and crispiness that we were looking for like those from the Taiwanese night market. 

Salty Crispy Chicken - $8.90

I opted to have the mix Mee Sua so I could have the taste of oysters as well as its intestines. No doubt that the intestines were cleaned well without any gamey taste and plump oysters were given. I still find that the Mee Sua lacked the punch its taste.

Mix Mee Sua - $6.90 (Small)

The bowl of Braised Minced Pork rice contained a good proportion of meat and braised sauce to rice ratio. While having the pork belly with a melt-in-your-mouth texture without being too fatty. Decent!

Braised Minced Pork Rice - $7.90

This is my favourite Pork Sausage with the brand "Black Bridge" while in Taiwan. It has a unique taste as compared to the usual ones we had in Singapore. The serving portion here was simply too little for my consumption! Haha.

Taiwanese Pork Sausage - $3.90

The Pancake that is wrapped with Crispy Cheese and Pork Floss was pretty savoury.  Not a bad choice if you are looking for some Taiwanese Pancake.

Crispy Cheese & Pork Floss Pancake - $6

All in all, I find that the Taiwanese Food was pretty standard and items on the menu were limited. There are many more selections of Taiwanese Eateries out there.
Rating: 3 / 5

WANt Food Holland Village 恋恋湾味 Taiwanese Delights
25 Lor Liput, #01, Singapore 277735
Nearest Station: Holland Village (CC21)

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