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Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Pang Zi Durian Dessert & Ice Cream House

 I'm quite excited upon knowing that there is this Durian Dessert and Ice Cream House in the West vicinity. Pang Zi Durian Dessert & Ice Cream House is located in the bustling area of Jurong West, just beside Giant Supermarket.

Pang Zi Durian

The interior of Pang Zi Durian Dessert and Ice Cream House is simple without too much of fanciful decorations. 

Cafe Interior

The idea of Durian Sticky Rice is good. Our dessert was served warm and the glutinous rice was served with a handful of grated coconut as well as mung beans. Pour some coconut milk over the rice and enjoy it. 

Durian Sticky Rice - $7.90

The Mochi Craquelin Bun is a new item on their menu. This is a good way to enjoy Gelato instead of a waffle. The Mochi Craquelin Bun caught me by surprise with its creativity and looked so cute. You can opt to have a  single or double scoop of Gelato. 

Mochi Craquelin Bun - $4

The crusty texture of the Craquelin Bun was adorned with 2 pieces of white chocolate. This has a riot of texture - a chewy layer of mochi at the bottom, decked up with the velvety MSW gelato.

Looking at the Bun

If you want to take a break from the durian desserts, why not take a good look at the Gelato? You will be spoilt of choices, just look at how many hand-crafted flavours they do have. 


Next up, we had 2 scoops of their handcrafted Gelato on a waffle. The waffle's texture was spongy and we had a scoop of Belgian chocolate with their Blue Pea Vanilla Gelato.

Waffle with 2 Scoops of Gelato

We had The Ocean Paradise & Frizzy Peach. The flavour of the drink was enhanced by the carbonated Sprite.

Ocean Paradise & Fizzy Peach - $3.80 Each

There are still a number of items I would like to try from their menu. I will like to make a return trip back to Pang Zi Durian. Thank you Mr Neo for the Invitation.

Pang Zi Durian Dessert & Ice Cream House
492 Jurong West Street 41, #01-18, Singapore 640492

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