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Monday, June 12, 2023

Restoran Sheng Yan

As we are waiting for the customs to clear, we went back to our usual Cze Char place again for dinner.

We were all starving after a long day outdoors and the first dish was emptied quite fast. Bee Hoon had a charred taste and the ingredients included prawns, fishcake, lean meat and vegetables. 

Bee Hoon

The dishes doled out pretty fast from their kitchen and next up we had the pork ribs. These pork ribs were coated by a layer of sweet sauce and were tantalising. 

Pork Ribs

Kai Lan was crunchy and simply cooked with a good reminiscent of home cooking. 

Stirred Fried Vegetables

The Sotong rings were coated with lightly salted egg batter. They were not only delicious but also addictive.

Salted Egg Sotong

One of us was hooked to the Sambal Sotong and suggested ordering this once more. Love the sweet and mild spiciness sauce coating every item on the plate.

Sambal Sotong

Love the balance of the sweetness of eggs with the bitterness from the bitter gourd. It's a good reminiscent of home cook food. 

Fried Bittergourd with Egg

The plate of carbs was good for sharing. Fried rice coupled with finely chopped char siew meat, egg and mixed vegetables. The rice was aromatic and yummy!

Fried Rice

The Sweet & Sour Pork tasted not too sour and we can have this dish

Sweet & Sour Pork

The cooking style is identical to the sweet-sour pork whereby pieces of Fried Fish was coated in its sour and sweet-tasting sauce coupled with tomatoes, green pepper, red pepper, onions and pineapples.

Sweet & Sour Fish

Prawns were well battered and deep fried. It may be those big "Pong Pong" prawns that I'm looking for but these prawn balls were pretty decent.

Prawn Balls 脆炸虾球

Posted on 19th March 2023

We passed by Restoran Sheng Yan a couple of times and always heard about someone in the group about their Cze Char but never got a chance here till that day when we decided to detour from the Malaysia Customs for it was too crowded at its peak hour.

Restoran Sheng Yan

The place was located in an open space with car easily parked by the side of the restaurant.

Menu Board

Let's have some healthy greens to start with? Kai Lan was stirred fried in oyster sauce, crunchy and addictive.

Vegetable 蚝油芥兰 - RM 15

Sambal Sotong was not too spicy and definitely appetizing.

Sotong 酥东 - RM 16

Crispy fried Chicken was drenched with sweet and sour sauce topped with chopped cucumbers and onions.

Chicken - RM 24

The prawns were deep-fried to golden perfection and were bouncy in texture. They were coated with a layer of salted egg sauce, making it fragrant and savoury. 

Prawn 咸蛋鲜虾 - RM 42

A thin layer of batter coated over these baby sotong and then were deep fried. 

Sotong 酥炸酥东仔 - RM 27

The place is rather airy on that evening to enjoy our dinner in a small group. With its strategic location that is a stone throw away from the Malaysia Custom, making a return is foreseeable as their food was decent too.

Restoran Sheng Yan
 119, 116, Jalan Lumba Kuda, Bukit Chagar, 80300 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

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