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Saturday, July 8, 2023

A Kitchen

We made an impromptu decision on a rainy day for dinner at Vision Exchange and were all surprised by the crowd in the building. What? The place was bustling on a weekend even with a downpour! We thought that the main dining area was full and have to wait but what surprised us further was that they do have another dining room somewhere else within walking distance.

Thick Menu

The right amount of condiments was used, bringing out the flavours of the meat. Our friend ordered the bun for us as it was crunchy.  

Chicken Gizzards 鸡胗 - $1 Each, Pork Sausage 猪肉香肠 -  $2, Arota (Pork) 心管 -  $1.50, Bun 烤馒头 - $1

The grilled eggplant was served in foil and was generously spread with minced garlic, topped with bird-eye chilli and spring onions. My friend swore by it and quickly ordered 2 portions before it got sold out like his last visit.

Grilled Eggplant 烤茄子  - $6

Whenever it comes to Chinese cuisine, I would not want to miss the shredded and sour potato dish. Love the sour hint by the use of the vinegar together with the succulency of the shredded potato 

Sour & Spicy Shredded Potato 酸辣土豆丝  - $8

A simple execution of the shrimp fried rice with mixed vegetables beans, eggs and spring onions. Tasty indeed. If you want to give the bowl of plain rice a skip, you may want to order this as a replacement.

Stir-Fried Rice with Shrimp 虾仁炒饭 - $6

The sweet marinated wings were BBQ and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Do not miss out on these skewers.

Chicken Wings 翅中  - $3

There is a minimum order of 5 sticks for the kebab and we ordered chicken, beef as well as pork kebab.

Chicken and Pork Kebab 鸡肉串和牛肉串 - $1 Each

I guess these kebab meats can never be left out whenever we come to having a meal like this.

Pork Kebab 猪肉串 - $1 Each

Honestly, all in my life, I was never served with dried beancurd in such a length and thickness like this. Surprisingly, the dish was well-cooked and every item on the plate was soft.

A product of dried beancurd 一品腐竹 - $10

Here's one of the popular dishes to order, the Stir Fried Cabbage with black fungus packed full of chilli and peppercorns flavours.

Stir-Fried Cabbage 火爆大头菜 - $8

Enoki Mushrooms Lover will want to order their favourite in its grilled form too.

Grilled Enoki Mushroom 烤金针菇 - $6

How about some Grilled Scallops with garlic and vermicelli?

Grilled Scallops 烤扇贝 - $4

The pork and sauerkraut dumplings were not too bad. The dumplings that were cradling the sweet tasty soup were sweet and tasty.
Pork and sauerkraut dumplings 猪肉酸菜饺子 - $6

A good thing about these Lamb Kebab was that the marinate had covered up the Lamb taste so well that they taste like chicken meat. There is also a minimum order of 5 skewers for this.

Lamb Kebab 羊肉串 - $1 Each

One of our favourite seafood, lala. This dish was served in a foil bowl in soup. The soup was packed of a Chinese peppery taste which was not to my liking. I still prefer the usual style without the use of those condiments.

Lala (clams) in tin foil 锡纸啦啦- $12

The combination of tomato and eggs is always the simplest and stomach filling dish. The dish was well balance out by the sweetness of the egg despite the slight sour taste from the tomato. They were good to consume even without rice pairing.

Stir-Fried Egg & Tomato 番茄炒蛋 - $8

An identical style to the Stir Fried Rice with Shrimp but replacing the shrimp with pieces of Chinese Sausage instead. Overall, every grain of pearl white rice was aromatic and yummy.

Fried Rice with Sausage 腊肠炒饭 - $6

We were all waiting for our last dish to be served by the reality and expectation did not meet. While in our mind, we were thinking how delicious the squid was and resembled those we had from the Japanese restaurant but the presentation left us disappointed. The size was small but matched the market price that we were paying but do not expect that it looked as glossy and juicy as those we had from the Japanese restaurant. 

Grilled Fish 烤鱿鱼 - $8

I'm quite impressed by the variety of food available and the reputation that A Kitchen has. I believe it will not be my last time here as I will introduce such a good place to my fellow friends who enjoy Chinese Food like this.

Rating: 4 / 5 

A Kitchen
Vision Exchange, 2 Venture Dr, #01-37/38, Singapore 608526

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