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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Wen Li Taiwanese Food

After going through rounds in Golden Mile Food Centre, I almost give up as a lot of stalls that I wanted to patronise were lined up with snaky queues. As the hunger grew more intensive, I quickly settled down with my choice and ended up with Taiwanese food. 

Wen Li Taiwanese Food is run by two young friendly guys and located at one corner of the Food Center.

Stall of Wen Li Taiwanese Food

They have 2 sets A and B where the meal will come with Popcorn chicken with Set A serving Braised Pork Rice aka Lu Rou Fan and Set B serving Mee Sua.

Braised Pork Rice comes in a good portion served with a whole soft-boiled egg, pickled cucumber and minced pork topping up the bowl of rice. 

Set A - Braised Pork Rice with Popcorn Chicken

The bowl of Taiwanese pearl rice was laid over the yummy braised pork with spring onions. It was flavourful and perhaps more suiting our local taste than considered "authentic". The pop corn chicken was fried to order and was done up with salt and peppering seasoning before serving.

Lu Rou Fan Aka Braised Pork Rice

Another Taiwanese staple is the Mee Sua (Vermicelli). The bowl was served hot and was gooey enough with a good hint of bonito taste in its stock. The taste was decent nonetheless the praise-worthy part will be their pig intestine as they had done a good job without foul taste. If you prefer other versions, they have it with oysters too.

Mee Sua with Big Intestine

The set meal is value for money if you are looking for decent Taiwanese food from Hawker. To add on, the Hawkers are friendly too.

Rating: 3 / 5

Wen Li Taiwanese Food (Golden Mile Food Center)
Golden Mile Food Center, 505 Beach Rd, #01-65, Singapore 199583

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