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Monday, May 8, 2023


When the food is good that makes us crave a return trip in a short span of time. We visited Nenek. on a Public Holiday in Singapore and not in Malaysia thus the place was not crowded.


The Interior was comfortable and cosy.

Interior of Nenek.

In the last round, we had hot Nenek's La Kopi served. This time, we ordered its chilled form and look at the overflowing foam.

Nenek's La Kopi - RM 4.90 (Chilled)

Not forgetting Nenek's Signature Coconut Breeze Shake too.

Coconut Breeze Shake - RM 9.90

This was our favourite sharing dish and Nenek's Long Lost Rojak was still as good!

Nenek's Long Lost Rojak - RM 9.0

Under their Signature Coconut Rice, we had their 1991 Rendang Beef. Love how their presentation of dish is for the plate is full of love and yummy items. For those who are simply addicted to their chilli, additional chilli is requestable at RM 0.80 per portion. 

1991 Rendang Beef - RM 18.90

For their Ageless Biraini Rice, we had Masak Merah Chicken. If you notice, the Biranini Rice series does not come with Sambal Chilli. Masak Merah Chicken was generously soaked in gravy and the meat was fork-tender.

Masak Merah Chicken - RM 16.90

Another variation you can choose from their Biraini Menu will be their Rendang Mutton. The mutton was not so tough and delicious too.

1991 Rendang Mutton - RM 18.90

While the last trip we did not get to enjoy their Mee Siam Licious menu for Mee Siam was sold out on a crowded weekend. If you prefer Mee Siam to their Coconut Rice or Biraini Rice, try ordering this. The Mee Siam tasted spicy by default. Nonetheless, pairing with their Berempah Fried Chicken tasted awesome too.

Berempah Fried Chicken - RM 15.90

Balinese Rendang Chicken was laudable too, tender and absolutely worth the calories.

Balinese Rendang Chicken - RM 16.90

Posted 04 January 2023

Nenek, once translated from Melayu, is referring to grandmother. Why are they so special? They served a fusion of Malaysian and Balinese cuisine. All of their recipes are over 40 years old and all dishes are made fresh every single day. 

Nenek by storey ria 1991

We were quite lucky to grab a table for our group as walk-in customers during their peak hours, moreover, it was a rainy day too. The facade looks a bit nostalgic but with a glance into the restaurant, the restaurant was modernly furnished acquiring a feel of Malaysian and Balinese culture.

Homely Design

The modernly designed environment is cosy and Instagram-worthy cradling both nostalgic and retro approaches.

Nenek. , more than 30 years with a modern twist

You can also enjoy sitting on the rattan swing in this kind of laid-back environment.

Ratten Swing, anyone?

If you are a fan of Mr Coconut back in Singapore, you will enjoy ordering their Signature Coconut Breeze Shake too. The smoothly crafted coconut drink is filled with coconut fragrant and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The supple coconut taste together in its ice-chilling serving was a total enjoyment.

Coconut Breeze Shake - RM 9.90

Besides Nenek's Signature drinks, they have some Home Brew Classics too. Try out this Nenek's La Kopi. It can be served in either Hot or Chilled.

Nenek's La Kopi - RM 3.50 (Hot)

Their Nenek's Long Lost Rojak is good for sharing. It was not overly sweet and the peanuts toppings were generously given. Simply love this elevation in the dish crunchiness. Not forgetting its presentation, it looked appetizing at first glance and yes, this is delicious!

Nenek's Long Lost Rojak - RM 9.0

The Vintage Ducklington, a recommendation by the server to us for sharing was good for sharing too. Enjoy the pieces of fried duck with the crispy bits and curry leaves fragrance.

Vintage Ducklington 

You can't go wrong with their Coconut Rice Series. The Berempah Fried Chicken is Nenek's Best Home Cooked Dish, the fried chicken alone contained 8 kinds of spices, pairing with their fluffy coconut fragrance rice. The plate of rice was wholesome and sides like fried peanuts with ikan billis, Achar, Keropok and half a hard boil egg makes the meal wonderful, not forgetting the spicy belachan that sums up the taste. 

Berempah Fried Chicken - RM 16.90

Every plate of food was beautifully adorned with a flower and indeed eye pleasing. It was quite a disappointment that their last plate of Mee Siam was sold out during our turn. Nonetheless, we got to try out different kinds of meat too from their menu. They do offer Chicken, Beef, Mutton as well as duck.

1991 Rendang Beef - RM 18.90

Besides the fried chicken on their Signature Coconut Rice Series, if you prefer chicken with gravy, this Balinese Rendang Chicken will be your call. The Balinese Rendang sauce was given sparingly and chicken was well cooked to its tenderness. The dish is topped with condiments like both spring and fried onions.

Balinese Rendang Chicken - RM 16.90

They do offer Ageless Beriani Rice Series too. The execution of the Beriani Rice was slightly different from the Coconut Rice series as the fluffy rice was topped with some fried shallows and raisins in stead.  The rice was fluffy but lacking in spices fragrance and though the Masak Merah Chicken was soft and tender, the gravy was on a saltier side. 

Masak Merah Chicken - RM 16.90

Do these dishes remind you of your granny? I would very like to make a return trip for their Mee Siam and Mee Soto Chicken if there are any chances in future. 

Rating: 4 / 5

Location: 82, Jalan Kemunting, Taman Kebun Teh, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

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