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Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Noodle House 面食之家

After finding food in the malls and hawker center, we decided to explore into the industrial estate for friends' recommendation. Noodle House specializes with Noodle and offer a good range of dishes that is close to the local's heart.

Noodle House

The traditional bowl of Lor Mee aka braised Noodles packed with herbs aroma in its starchy sauce. The braised pork belly were cut into small strips mixed with other ingredients like braised egg, fried wanton etc. We topped it up with garlic, vinegar, bird eye chilli, and coriander to enhance its taste.

Lor Mee - $3.50

Besides having this traditional Hokkien dish with thin flat yellow noodles, we had ordered Kway Teow.

Lor Mee (Kway Teow) - $3.50

Hor Fun was a praiseworthy dish if you are a fan of "Wok Hei". The Noodles comprised of the aroma and were generously soaked in the pool of gravy with a fried egg topping up the dish.

Hor Fun

Ingredients were nothing out of the standard. It includes, prawn, vegetables, fishcakes and meat.


Their dishes are considered the better-rated ones in the industry area.

Rating: 3.25 / 5

Noodle House 面食之家
Location: Jurong Industrial Estate @ Penjuru28 Penjuru Cl, Singapore 608619

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